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Quenching N China's thirst

Across northern China, water shortage has emerged as a regular feature of spring as fast-growing urban populations strain limited municipal water supplies...

Tianjin Peking Opera Troupe to perform in Taipei

Tianjin Peking Opera Troupe held a press conference and made dress rehearsal in a theater of Taipei on Friday...

E-bike show kicks off in Tianjin

The event, which will go until April 2, simultaneously takes place at Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center and Tianjin International Exhibition Center...

Scientific implementation of 12th Five-Year plan

A senior Chinese official called on local authorities to scientifically implement the nation's 12th Five-Year plan and to enhance exploration of new forms of social management...

Shale dye made by folk artist in Tianjin

Zhang has made some 70 types of dye with the material of shale from the mountainous areas nearby...

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Boeing's newest factory put into use
The factory is located in the Binhai New Area and is part of Boeing Tianjin's 21-million-U.S.-dollar expansion project.

  New factory for Boeing Tianjin Composites Co. Ltd.
Joint venture between Boeing and the China Aviation Industry Corp, produces components and parts for the Boeing 737, 747-8, 767, 777 and the 787 Dreamliner aircraft.
  Chicago mayor's visit to China
We already have a very strong relationship with China, but the economic future of Chicago depends greatly on our success in seeking opportunities in China and around the globe

Binhai New Area
Tianjin Port in talks to set up LNG base
Tianjin Port (Group) Co is negotiating with China National Offshore Oil Corp to establish a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal in the port to quench the gas shortage in northern China, a top port official said on Thursday.
Binhai's GDP exceeds Pudong for the 1st time
Tianjin Binhai New Area, Dalian seek closer tie
China's 1st homemade light civilian helicopter debuts
Oshkosh opens manufacturing plant in Tianjin
Tianjin Eco-City partners with Taiwan’s Largest Developer
$2.1bn joint venture project in Tianjin Eco-City
Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City signs MOU with first business partner for US$1 billion project
Intertek to support development of new ‘green city’ - Tianjin Eco-City
Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city holds groundbreaking ceremony for its Eco-technology Park
The construction of the carrier rocket project unveiled all-roundly
New carrier rocket series to be built
Airbus delivers 1st China-assembled A320 jet
Airbus A320 project powers the service industry in Airport Industrial Park of Free Trade Zone
The Airbus A320 general assembly line in the free trade zone will deliver 11 aircrafts this year
Tianjin produced Airbus becomes a “white dolphin” waiting for its maiden show at the end of the month
Airbus A320 integrated procedure trainer produced in Free Trade Zone is exhibited
Test flight of Airbus plane produced in the Free Trade Zone will be conducted next month
Tianjin produced Airbus becomes a “white dolphin” waiting for its maiden show at the end of the month
Aviation training center settled in Free Trade Zone, European license can be obtained
Tianjin may get A350 airframe work
Local carriers to get Airbus A320s
1st China-assembled A320 to be delivered to Sichuan Airlines
Eleven Airbus A320s sold to four Chinese airlines
A320 aircraft wing project starts in Tianjin
China-assembled A320 to take off in May
Special Coverage
Auunal Meeting of the New Champions 2010
Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Founding of the PRC
The 16th China Tianjin Trade Fair & Investment Talk
CCTV:Tianjin realizes leapfrog economic and social development
The first Airbus A320 will be delivered in June
The construction of Tianjin West Railway Station unveiled
Tianjin to increase investments in ecology
Senior Chinese official calls for scientific implementation of 12th Five-Year plan
China welcomes foreign investment
Glasgow honors painter Fan Zeng
Tianjin Teda 2-1 Gamba Osaka
Chinese villagers make bold attempts at democracy
Shale dye made by folk artist in Tianjin
Get new year's first haircut for good luck
Tianjin Port in talks to set up LNG base
Jeju United 0-1 Tianjin Teda
Tianjin sets up 24-hour boarding house for migrant job-seekers
70 percent of cadres support public reporting of assets
CISA urges stockpiles of iron ore reserves
Chinese companies win 81 million dollar UN bidding project for solar power
Many local banks planning initial share offerings
New Ford plant in Tianjin
Tianjin Binhai New Area to propel development
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Biz Tianjin
Tianjin Economy Highlights
Tianjin to construct Asia's largest cancer prevention and treatment base
Tianjin’s first metro business street is to open to business
Tianjin Customs tariff collection breaks 100 billion yuan mark
Policies and Laws
The Implementation of Financial and Taxation Policies
Preferential Policies on Encouraging the Foreign Merchants to Invest the Introduction of Advanced Technology to Agricultural Development
Preferential Polices on Promoting Development of Headquarter of Enterprises and Financial Trade by Tianjin
Enterprises Online
Learn About Tianjin
  Referred to as “Jin” for short in Chinese, Tianjin (meaning “port for the emperor”) is widely known as “Jin’gu”, “Jinmen”, etc.
Geographical Location
  Located at latitude 38°34′N-40°15′N and longitude 116°43′E-118°04′E,
Natural Resources
  Tianjin enjoys a rich supply of natural resources, which is quite rare...
  Located in the warm temperate zone, Tianjin has sub-humid continental...
Cultural Life
Performance Art
Tianjin Carpet
Kites of Wei
Travel in Tianjin
Hopping Center & Shopping Street
The Ancient Culture Street
Golden Street
Former Residences of Noted
Huo Yuanjia
Gu Weijun
Li Shutong
Liang Qichao
Scenes •••
  Tianjin Tropical Plant Garden
It is situated in Zhongbei County, Xiqing District, near the famous flower market of Caozhuang Village.
  Tianjin Goubuli Steamed Stuffed Bun
It would be a pity for tourists if missing “Goubuli Steamed Stuffed Bun”.The steamed stuffed bun looks like a chrysanthemum in bud.
Talents in Tianijn
  15-year-old Archaeology Prodigy Hao Di
Eight years ago at an excavation site in Tianjin a dozen archaeologists studied an unearthed iron piece but could not identify the strangely shaped metal.
  Artisan Huo Xiuying
Artisan Huo Xiuying's 10-sq-m nianhua studio is hidden away in an off-color residential building, part of a 90-sq-m apartment that has been home to three generations...
  How to master English?
On Jan. 11th, University of Ccmbridge Local Examinations Syndicat (UCLE) presented a special reward and the BULATS Certificate to Tian Chensheng, an examinee from Tianjin Polytechnic University.
  Crosstalk Artist Ma Sanli
Ma Sanli, famous player of crosstalk, was born in Beijing in 1914. He is Hui ethnic minority and his family members are all good at Chinese folk art.
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