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Biz Tianjin
  China prepares for residents' direct investment in HK shares
China has finished at least half of the preparations for the local residents' direct investment in Hong Kong stock market, Zhu Min, vice president of Bank of China (BOC), said Saturday. "The preparations go on smoothly, but there are still many technical problems yet to be addressed," Zhu said on the sidelines of the Inaugural Annual Meeting of the New Champions hosted by the World Economic Forum in China's northeastern coastal city of Dalian.
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China prepares for residents' direct investment in HK shares
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Enterprises Online···
  Kennametal Opens its Outlet at TEDA West
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Policies and Laws···
Preferential Polices on Promoting Development of Headquarter of Enterprises and Financial Trade by Tianjin
Preferential Policies on Encouraging the Foreign Merchants to Invest the Introduction of Advanced Technology to Agricultural Development
The Implementation of Financial and Taxation Policies about Giving futher Support to Enterprise Development and Attracting Overseas Investment, Financal and Taxation Policies on Supporting Scientific and Technical Progress
Interim Provisions for Submission and Approval Procedure on Electric Power Project Invested Directly by Foreigners
Accounting Regulations Of The People's Republic Of China For Enterprises With Foreign Investment(3)
Principles For Approval And Essentials For Examination Of The Moftec To Contracts And Articles Of Association Of Foreign Funded Enterprises
Circular On The Question Concerning Value-Added Tax Payment For Sino-Foreign Cooperative Exploitation Of Petroleum Resources
Detailed Rules On The Implementation Of The Law Of People's Republic Of China On Sino-Foreign Joint Cooperative Ventures
Regulations On Establishment Of Foreign-Funded Import And Export Commodities Inspection And Appraisal Enterprises
Provisional Measures Governing The Establishment Of Sinoforeign Joint Foreign Trade Corporations On A Trial Basis

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