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Talents in Tianjin
  15-year-old Archaeology Prodigy Hao Di
Eight years ago at an excavation site in Tianjin a dozen archaeologists studied an unearthed iron piece but could not identify the strangely shaped metal.
  Artisan Huo Xiuying
Artisan Huo Xiuying's 10-sq-m nianhua studio is hidden away in an off-color residential building, part of a 90-sq-m apartment that has been home to three generations...
  Crosstalk Artist Ma Sanli
Ma Sanli, famous player of crosstalk, was born in Beijing in 1914. He is Hui ethnic minority and his family members are all good at Chinese folk art.
  Scholar Feng Jicai
Mr.Feng Jicai was one of the most well-known Chinese novelist, who was born in Tianjin 1942. His ancestral hometown is Cixi of Zhejiang Province.
  How to master English?
On Jan. 11th, University of Ccmbridge Local Examinations Syndicat (UCLE) presented a special reward and the BULATS Certificate to Tian Chensheng, an examinee from Tianjin Polytechnic University.
  World Champion of Diving -- Sang Xue
Sang Xue looks very pretty. Although two dimples appears in her face whenever she smiles which makes she look very gentle, she is always eager to put her best foot forward.

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