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Famous Mezzo-Soprano Singer-----Guan Mucun
enorth.com.cn   2001-08-30 15:25


Guan Mucun was born on 1953/11/6. She was engaged in singing from 1971. In 1987, she graduated from Voice and Opera Department of the Central Conservatory of Music. And in 1991, she entered into Nankai University as a graduated student. Now Guan is the first-grade artist of Tianjin Song and Dance Theatre, who enjoys Government Special Allowance. She has been the Model Worker of Tianjin, and now she is member of C.P.P.C.C. and Vice-President of National Youth Association.

1981: Guan Mucun acted in lead role of opera "Huan Niang".

1983: She acted in lead role of the first music film of China "Moon rises on the sea".

1986: She performed in large musical and dancing epic "Song of China's Revolution"

1986: She acted in lead role of musical and dancing feature TV "The Latest Elegy"

1987: She attended the vocal music performance of the 1st Chinese Art Festival.

1989: She attended International Art Festival.

1990: She performed in large classical artistic TV play "Tang and Song"

1991: She cooperated with Central Song Theatre to perform opera "Qu Yuan".

1994: She attended the 20th Century Classical Chinese Music Performance.

Guan Mucun is well known in Tianjin. She was born in Xinxiang, Henan Province, and grew up in Tianjin and Beijing. What impressed her most was the experience of being a worker in Tianjin. Because workers gave her a lot of help when her life was very difficult. Guan Mucun sings because of her hobby. Her mother has been a music teacher and also liked singing, which affect Guan Mucun greatly in her childhood undoubtedly. When she was in Grade 2 of primary school, Guan Mucun, who liking singing very much, joined chorus. In 3 Grade, she joined Tianjin Little Red Flower Art Group to have vocal music training. In this musical garden, teacher Su Yong and his wife initiated her into vocal music. They found that Guan's sound was special, and her range was wide. According to these characteristics, they gave her special instruction and training, which laid a strong foundation for her success.

When she studied in Tianjin No.69 Middle School, she was selected to take part in Tianjin Primary School and Middle School Students Theatrical Festival.

Now, Guan Mucun became one of the most famous singers in China. Her singing style was natural and fresh. In order to promote her skills, she studied in the Central Conservatory of Music again and took the famous vocal music educator Professor Sheng Xiang as her teacher. Professor Shen has great attainments in vocal music education, and she stressed that Guan should grasp the advanced and sciential sound-producing method. After two-year training by Professor Shen, Guan Mucun has made giant strides in singing skills, impressing her fans mostly with her progress.

Guan Mucun like folk music and appreciating music, it is why she like Shi Guangnan's works. When she talks about Shi Guangnan, Guan looked serious. She said it was difficult that a singer met a composer fitting his (or her) style, but she met Mr. Shi. Guan Mucun likes every song produced by Mr. Shi very much. It was proved that those songs were suitable for Guan, such as "The Heart of Younger Sister", "Fern leaf Hedge Bamboo in the Moonlight", "Grassland of May" and so on. For this reason, Guan Mucun decided to arrange and sing the songs left by Mr. Shi, in order to remember him.

In her life, Guan Mucun values sincerity. She has answer others' question in such way:" The biggest hobby of mine is to get audiences' support, the happiest thing of mine is that my job can satisfy audiences. The biggest hobby of mine is reading books, and the happiest thing of mine is that my songs would be loved by audiences."

Guan Mucun told us in normal times she like foreign music very much, especially American hootenanny. She also likes Beijing Opera, and sometimes she makes guest performance. Guan Mucun has a happy family. Her son, who is in grade 6 of primary school, has good voice inheriting from Guan. And her husband loves her very much. At home, she often does cooking for her husband and son. She also likes little animals, such as dogs.

Being a member of National Youth Association, Guan Mucun has been many places, such as Heber Province, Tibet and so on. She brought happiness to people there by singing, and contributed money for children, for example, there are 26 primary school students in Huairou, Hebei Province be donated by her for a long time.

Being an messenger of Chinese culture, she has been a lot of countries and regions to perform for several, including Japan, USA, Sweden, Denmark, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and so on. USA invited her to immigrate twice, but she rejected. She said: "I am a Chinese! I can't be departed from my motherland even for one moment. So I will live here forever!" In 1992, Los Angeles Government gave her the title of Honorary Citizen, and Guan Mucun said she would use her songs to build a bridge for the friendship and cultural exchange between China and USA.


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