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I am never a good student!

【学员视角】Many Voices, One World

【学员视角】An unforgettable second day

I am never a good student! I burst out the team“God damn it”when commenting on the picture Kaz showed to me; I was 17 minutes late for Alice’s afternoon class; I told Sarah that a carpet of cockroaches could hook up two lovers; I even played jokes with the headmaster ---- Alison during class intervals. And, I said Callum’s finger was a sausage.

I am never a good student! But I did learn a lot of useful things, for example, BBC world service, the forward slash……

I am never a good student! I always told jokes to the other participants; but some of them were certainly jokes to be remembered. Not repeated, just remembered.

I am a naughty boy but people around me cared for me, helped me and forgave me. I’d only say, Thank you! I love you, everyone!

By Mark


Editor: 黄岑

From: Enorth.com.cn  2004-08-23 13:42


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