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Tianjin Wuqing Development Area
enorth.com.cn   2005-06-20 17:11


Wuqing Development Area, a national new technology development zone planned to cover a total of 24.8 square kilometers, was established on Dec.1991. The first phase, an area of 6.4 square kilometers is composed of 3 square kilometers of New Technology Area, 2 of Economy Area and 1.4 of residence area.

Wuqing Development Area locates in between Beijing and Tianjin, with Jingjintang highway crossing in it. It only takes 40 minutes to travel 71 kilometers to reach Beijing or Tianjin. There are scores of national highway such as Jingfu, Jinwei highway and Jingshan, Jinghu and Jingjiu railway around it. It is 30 minutes' way to city center or Tianjin International Airport. The geographic position is favorable and traffic is convenient.

Wuqing Development Area is situated in an intellect-intensive area around Beijing and Tianjin, where 17% of science and technology talent in the country live. There are more than ten thousand of graduates of secondary schools and over a thousand graduates of vocational schools and universities every year, which provide abundant labors in the market.

Since the foundation of Wuqing Development Area on 23rd, June 1992, lots of infrastructure and public facilities have been constructed to meet investors' requirement for a good investment environment. "Five supplies, that is, roads, power, telecommunication, water and drainage, and one leveling, i.e., leveling land" has been realized in the 6.4 square kilometers of basic area. Width of cross roads in the area is between 20-40 meters. There are one 220KV transformer substation and two 35KV transformer substations in the area. The power is supplied by two electrical networks, North China Electrical Network and Jingjintang Electrical Network, with 10KV outlet for enterprises. Advanced operation and control systems such as automatic pressure adjustment, programmed linked control and remote communication are adopted in the transformer substations. The quality of power supply is very high. A telecommunication building with 80000 division lines, data microwave and optical fiber cable has been built. An underground water supply factory can supply ten thousand tons of standard water per day. Wolongtan Water Processing Center which could supply 60 thousand tons of water is in use now. Rainwater and waster water are drained to different places to be processed by different processing systems. Heat can be supplied by central heat station or enterprises themselves or through cooperation between them. Four heat supply stations provide 0.8 MPA vapor and 95C hot water for customers. There is abundant terrestrial heat in the area. Two wells, with 73C hot water, have been dug in center area and residence area. 0.8 square kilometers of central area is the service area of Wuqing Development Area, with customs office, bank, tax bureau and police station, Innovation building, Swan lake resort village, customs training center and two standard tennis court etc. in it. There is 1.4 kilometers of residence area in which people can live, play and obtain education. 150 thousand square meters of Xixian Apartments and Villas has been built for people. Another 10 thousand square meters of apartment is under construction now. Yinghua bilingual school opened in 1999. Besides, large amount of capital will be invested in planting trees and flowers to create a beautiful environment.

While improving hardware of the area, authorities of Wuqing Development Area are trying to perfect software according to international conventions. A Management Committee and a Head Office have been set up for Wuqing Development Area, under which there are seven departments, four companies and two offices (Beijing and Tianjin). They manage enterprise in a close style and provide continuous coordinated service to enterprises. Therefore the enterprises can go through all formalities in one institution. The Head Office can go through formalities for the enterprise within two weeks for free as long as the enterprise submits relevant certificates.

Over 300 enterprises from 20 countries and districts have altogether invested about 5 billion Yuan, among which there are 450 million US dollars in Wuqing Development Area by the end of Sep.2000. The main fields of investment are electronic information, new construction material, biological engineering, magnetic material, medicine and foodstuff etc. Among the enterprises there are US Magnequench company, Danfoss Inc., Purmo, Tomen corporation, Marubeni company, Mitsui company, Sumitomo company, Yamaha company, Itokin company. Accumulated tax revenue from Wuqing Development Area has reached 400 million Yuan and nearly ten thousand people are employed by enterprises in the area.

Friends at home and from abroad are welcomed to invest in Wuqing Development Area. We wish to achieve mutual development based on our good and efficient services.


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