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Tianjin Hangu Economic Development Area


The Hangu Economic Development Area was established in May 26,1992 and its chemical industrial area set up in October,1996 and merged into the development area as a whole.

,Geographical Location:

The Hangu District is situated to the east tip of Tianjin. The south is the Bohai Sea and has 32 km. of coastline. It possesses rich resources for marine chemistry and has a history of salt production of over 1,000 years. Its salt ponds cover an area of 13,933 hectares and the sodium chloride content of the salt reaches an average as high as 96.8%, ideal raw material for marine chemical production. The area is also rich in desalinated water, as well as biological and geothermal resources. Transportation in the zone is very convenient, with the Beijing-Shanhaiguan railway line passing through, and the Shanhaiguan-Guangdong expressway crosses the entire zone from east to west and intersects the Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu expressway. The planned area of the zone for the first phase is 8 sq.km.


A complete infrastructure of water supply, rain and waste water drainage, power and heat supply, telecommunication and natural gas; roads have been paved and land leveled.


This is a comprehensive base for the development of the chemical industry, including marine chemicals, petrochemicals and fine chemicals industries. Ties have been established for economic cooperation with USA, Japan, Germany, France, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. Over 40 overseas invested enterprises are already operating.

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