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Enorth Succeed in Holding ¡°Online Friends Visit Tianjin¡±


Enorth.com.cn: From 28th to 30th Oct. Enorth, vital news website of Tianjin, held an activity named ¡°Online Friends Visit Tianjin¡±. Nearly 30 online friends from various parts of China who had took part in the Enorth online survey were invited by Enorth to visit Tianjin for experiencing the new achievements and changes of Tianjin. After publishing the new edition of Enorth homepage on 27th Sep for celebrating the 5th anniversary for the establishment of Enorth, Enorth organized this activity which was also for commemorating its 5th anniversary celebration.

Visiting Enorth

Following the fast development in these 5 years, Tianjin Enorth Website influenced more and more netizens. Netizens not only from Tianjin but also from various parts of China had paid more attention to Enorth. A recent Enorth online survey which aimed at investigating the details about the netizens caring about Enorth showed that in total statistics 58% netizens came from other regions beyond Tianjin. To make these people learn about Tianjin directly and completely, Enorth organized an activity named ¡°Online Friends Visit Tianjin¡±. The participants were consisted of 30 online friends from all the investigated netizens who filled out the online survey carefully.

The 30 online friends come from Guangdong, Anhui, Guangxi, Chongqing, Shanghai, Henan, Hunan, Hubei, Hebei, Liaoning, Hei Longjiang, Shangdong and Tianjin, ranging from 20 years old to 62 years old. Among these netizens, some had been to Tianjin; some had spent their working or studying time in Tianjin. They considered Tianjin as their second hometown and Tianjin was the beautiful memory on their minds. They had wished that they could come back to Tianjin one day. This time, Enorth helped them to fulfill their expectations.

Tianjin Broadcasting and Television Tower

Besides visiting Tianjin Broadcasting and Television Tower, Tianjin Museum and TEDA Football Field in this activity, Enorth also arranged these netizens to visit ¡°Achievements Exhibition of Tianjin Development¡± and ¡°The Exhibition Center of Binhai New Area¡±. In ¡°Achievements Exhibition of Tianjin Development¡±, plenty of pictures and models which embodied the tremendous changes for the ten years development of Tianjin attracted these netizens. Looking at these pictures of Binhai New Area and other beautiful constructions, they gave highly appreciation for these tremendous achievements. On the second day of this activity, 30 online friends visited ¡°The Exhibition Center of Binhai New Area¡±. By visiting this exhibition, they learned that such a modern area was established gradually on the basic of boundless beach. Hard working led to the rapid development of Binhai New Area. Comparing the pictures of the establishment of Binhai New Area in the ten years, these netizens praised the area for its achievements. They said,¡± The development of Binhai New Area was fast. After the Fifth Session of the 16th CPC Central Committee, it has become an important part of the regional economic growth strategy. We believe that in the future Binhai New Area will become the economic pacemaker of the circum-Bohai and the North China.¡±

Achievements Exhibition of Tianjin Development
Tianjin Museum
Flying Kites

In the two days activity, these online friends took many pictures for memorizing the tremendous changes and beautiful scenes of Tianjin. Some of these online friends who had been to Tianjin before had got deeper impression for the changes of Tianjin when they came back this time. One netizen told the journalist that he had spent his university time in Tianjin. Coming back to Tianjin, he felt that in these years the development of Tianjin was so fast. Beautiful squares, wide roads and high buildings gave deep impression for him. After this activity, these netizens also made an appointment that they will hold a photographing competition on the forum of Enorth (forum.enorth.com.cn) to choose the best photographer who can record the most beautiful scenery of Tianjin.

The Exhibition Center of Binhai New Area
TEDA Football Field
From: Enorth.com.cn  2005-11-11 10:48

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