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President Hu stresses scientific concept of development
enorth.com.cn   2005-11-11 13:39


"the country's economic and social development should be in line with the scientific concept of development."

Stressed by Hu Jintao,
Chinese President

Chinese President Hu Jintao here Sunday stressed that the country's economic and social development should be in line with the scientific concept of development.

During his two-day inspection of north China's Tianjin Municipality from Oct. 1, China's National Day, Hu conveyed holiday greetings to the work staff who were on duty in factories and shops and visited the city's residential communities, shops and ports.

Coming to the Ping'an business street of the city, he felt very happy to see the great variety of goods and swarms of customers. He warmly shook hands with people and shop assistants.

He urged the shop managers and assistants to enhance their sense of service and pay great attention to food sanitary and safety.

During his visit to the Fuyu Square residential community, he said that it is one of the important contents in building the well-off society in an all-round way to improve the construction of residential community. Therefore, officials concerned should improve services, environment, cultural circumstances and social security work in residential communities.

Hu also inspected the Binhai economic zone, encouraging the technicians and professionals there to improve self-innovation capability, create more homemade well-known brands so as to make new contributions to the regional economy.

After hearing reports from the Tianjin Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Tianjin Municipal government, Hu encouraged the officials and citizens of the Tianjin Municipality to continue their endeavors of reform and development, so as to open up a new prospect in its economic and social development.


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