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Beeper housed as modern relic


Beeper, once a popular wireless telecommunication tool before the prevalence of mobile phones, has been housed as a modern relic in a museum in north China's port city of Tianjin.

Beeper has gradually gone out of people's life with a spate of new digital devices prevailing in stead, said rector of the Tianjin Museum of Old Town, who is surnamed Shang.

Rector Shang said that the museum categorized beeper into an exhibit of folk custom, which is the only object in the museum marking people's life style in the city in 1990s.

The rector believed that the selection of modern relic is a test of modern people's foresight in distinguishing things worth collection 100 years later, which would become an important heritage.

A survey by the State Statistics Bureau in 1998 showed that the numbers of electronic beeper users were only an estimated four beepers per thousand people in 1980, while in 1998, the figure stood at 26 percent per hundred, when there were more than 50 telephones for every 100 persons in most Chinese cities.

From: Xinhuanet  2005-12-31 14:36

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