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The Profile of Tianjin's Medical and Health


Since 1949, when PRC was founded, the structure of Tianjin¨s Medical and Health has been reformed for several times. The undertaking of medical has acquired great achievement.

After years' hard working, the reform has been finished in the first phase. To satisfy public basic demand, the municipal agencies focus on the recourse optimization and the consummation of health services, medical cares and supervision system. The reform enhances the main indicator of residence health to be on top in China.

The related agencies are planning the future adjustment of public services: to build up the network which mainly composed by three-level hospital and community health facilities. To develop some state-of-the-art medical center, general hospital and specialized hospital to develop key clinic medicine to arrange the applied medical high-tech research to fit the city's development.

International Communication: to establish the cooperation with foreign famous medical facilities for people training and technology-exchanging; to use the advantages of the network to develop remote consultation and education.

The medical team of Tianjin is growing, which includes academician Pro. Shi Xuemin and academician Pro.Wu Xianzhong, specialists enjoying national subsidies and many physicians with doctor degree and master degree. The municipal administration is also going to make some favorable policies to attract more talent people to work in Tianjin.

Medical Education: The Tianjin Medical University and Tianjin Traditional-Medical College is the city's two higher medical education which train lots of specialists for Tianjin and national hospitals. Many famous medical experts all graduated from these two universities. Their high reputations is derived from the advanced teaching methods, perfect education programs, nice research condition and rich practice opportunities.

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