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History and Culture


As and international trading port from the early days, the busy trading has invigorated Tianjin with enormous vitality and verified its position and image as the major commercial port city in North China. Tianjin is located at the lower end of nine tributaries merging into the Haihe River which flows through the city. Tianjin's local culture has both the warm and honest old inner city one and the riverside one, and is full of life, vitality and vigor. Thanks to its historical experiences, Tianjin has encountered many European cultures, and their integration within a Chinese society has made Tianjin's urban culture uniquely enchanting.

Tianjin's architecture is particularly unique. With a combination of traditional Chinese cultural architecture and the rich mixture of architectural culture from other parts of the world, it is known as the "World Museum of Architecture". Even as early as the 19th Century, Tianjin's national industries were at an advanced level nationwide. Tianjin has honest and simple social customs and morals; its folk culture and art are long respected and uniquely enchanting. The Ancient Culture Street lies on the junction of three rivers and is the centre of ancient Tianjin. With a Mazu Temple in its center, it is the cradle of Tianjin's riverside culture. The Great Wall, running through Jixian County to the north of Tianjin is of primitive simplicity and charm.

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