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Interview on Tian Chensheng highest mark of BULATS in Tianjin Examination Part


On Jan. 11th, University of Ccmbridge Local Examinations Syndicat (UCLE) presented a special reward and the BULATS Certificate to Tian Chensheng, an examinee from Tianjin Polytechnic University. As the No.1examinee of the highest mark in Tianjin Examination Part, Tian Chensheng who got the 30th place in the whole nation range was included in the “British Council Talent Archives” and “National BULATS English Senior Talent Archives”.

Aiming at working in world class enterprise, Tian Chensheng can realize the dream easily using the certificate which is acknowledged by famous enterprises.

Tian Chensheng talked about “how to master English” to English Learners.

How to master English?

Different people have different views on this question. As for me, I think in order to master English well and not to be a slave of English, we`d better do as follows: First of all, reciting more .This is the most important in studying English. There is a good saying goes that “Your boss is your boss just because he(she ) has a large vocabulary than you have”, that is to say, to recite more in studying English is a good way of making yourself more excellent than others. Then, what to recite?(1)a large vocabulary of about 10000 words (2)at least 1000 useful phrases (3)beautiful sentences you come across in studying English. What we should recite including but not limited to the above three and of course the more the better.

Second, practicing more. A best way to master English is to use it daily. I practice my oral English for about an hour almost everyday and my oral English becomes excellent as time goes by. The beautiful sentences you come across in studding English I mentioned is quite good when we practice our oral English. What`s more, if you have any opportunity to communicate with foreigners, please be brave and say hello to them, this is the best way to practice our oral English.(I have met a lot of foreigners in my daily time and I seized every opportunity to communicate with them, You can follow me )

Last but not the least, listening more. I often bring my mp3 with me and listen to English as I walk. For example, I once listened to“new concept English book 4”every day and several days later I found I can recite some of the articles of this book. Do you have mp3? If you have, why not do as I do?










From: Enorth.com.cn  2006-01-13 09:57

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