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Tianjin sets major economic targets for next 5 years


Tianjin Municipality, a north China port city, has set major targets for economic and social development for the next five years, according to a meeting on government work.

Tianjin's GDP will grow 12 percent annually and the annual per capita GDP will top 7,000 U.S. dollars in the next five-year period, city mayor Dai Xianglong told the meeting last week.

Dai said that Tianjin's GDP had surged by 13.9 percent annuallyin the 2000-2005 period, providing favorable conditions for faster economic growth in the coming five years.

Tianjin's major economic and social development targets for the 2006-2010 period also include: an annual growth rate of 16 percent for revenue income, a 15 percent growth rate in fixed assets investment, an unemployment rate lower than 4 percent and an increase of over 10 percent in the per capita disposable income for urban and rural residents.

Dai said that Tianjin would enhance recycling and apply advanced technologies in industrial production in order to reduce energy consumption over the next five years.

Tianjin has set an energy consumption reduction target of 15 percent in terms of per unit of GDP in the coming five years. In the previous five-year period, Tianjin achieved a 22 percent reduction in energy consumption per unit of GDP.

From: Xinhuanet  2006-01-17 15:14

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