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Brief Introduction


Tianjin, one of the four municipalities in China, is also called ¡°Jin¡±. Tianjin is the biggest open coastal city in north China and the economic center of Bohai-rim Region. It is also a famous historical and cultural city.

It took a long time for the city of Tianjin to take shape. In ancient time, this place was sea, but the Yellow River flooded Tianjin three times and created a plain by the sand it carried. Today, seashells of ancient times can still be found here. The name Tianjin was first used in the first year of Yongle Reign in Ming Dynasty, meaning ¡°Emperor¡¯s port¡±. In the second year of Yongle Reign (1404), Tianjin became a walled garrison to safeguard Beijing. In 1860 Tianjin was opened as a trading port, became a major commercial city second only to Shanghai and the biggest financial center in north China. After the funding of PRC, Tianjin was made a municipality. When Reform and Opening up policy was carried out, Tianjin was put among the first batch of open cities by central government.

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