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Mao Zedong¡¯s Memorabilia in Tianjin
enorth.com.cn   2006-08-24 14:41


(Enorth.com.cn)In 1948, Mao Zedong inscribed masthead of Tianjin Daily and it was used from January 17, 1949.

On September 5, 1950, employees from Tianjin Third Power Plant wrote letter to Mao Zedong to help North Korea to fight with America. Mao Zedong wrote back to them and let them work hard to try to finish their national task and strive for improving their life.

On September 16, 1950, Mao Zedong made the suggestion to set up offices in Tianjin.

On December 2, 1950, Mao Zedong praised 42000 businessmen¡¯s demonstration for supporting the North Korea and fighting against America held on November 30, 1950.

On April 17, 1951, Mao Zedong pointed that Tianjin¡¯s work on pressing down anti-revolution was done well and it had unified and educated people from all walks of life.

On December 27 to 29, 1951, Mao Zedong came to Tianjin and listed to work report and met with some representatives from business circles and commissioners of Tianjin Municipal Committee. He visited Haihe Taigu dock and countries.

On January 10, 1952, Mao Zedong made comment on analysis to cadre¡¯s over-expenditure and he considered ¡®the analysis is right¡¯ and requested it to be told to both Communist Party members and other people.

On February 8, 1952, Mao Zedong made comments on Tianjin 11th district¡¯s experience and pointed: ¡®Tianjin 11th district has done a helpful creation to fight against profiteers.¡¯

On October 25, 1952, Mao Zedong visited Tianjin new harbor.

On February 26, 1953, Mao Zedong visited Tianjin automobile factory and enjoined workers to pay attention to work safty and work hard. In May this year, Mao Zedong considered the experience of discussion on production plan was worth spreading.

On April 23, 1954, Mao Zedong inspected Yongli Dagu factory and Dagukou emplacement in the morning and visited Tianjin papermaking factory in the afternoon.

On December 27, 1955, Mao Zedong wrote comments for three articles submitted by Tianjin.

On January 12, 1956, Mao Zedong inspected Wangdingti country in Tianjin¡¯s west suburb in the morning and visited Tianjin Demonstration Machinery factory and Renli spinning mill in the afternoon.

On September 19, 1956, Mao Zedong inscribed ¡®People Park¡¯ for Tianjin¡¯s park.

On March 17, 1957, Mao Zedong came to Tianjin and made a speech in Tianjin People¡¯s Auditoria for Communist Party members.

On August 10, 1958, Mao Zedong inspected Xinli country, Sihezhuang village, Dongjiao district. On August 11, 1958, he visited ¡®Tianjin imports & exports goods exhibition hall ¡¯.

On August 12, 1958, he visited ¡®Tianjin industry technology revolution exhibition¡¯.

On August 13, 1958, Mao Zedong visited Nankai university and Tianjin university in the morning and watched Xiaobaihua¡¯s performance in the evening.

On October 14, 1958, Mao Zedong met with Tianjin¡¯s primary leaders on his train when he passed by Tianjin.

On February 23, 1959, when Mao Zedong passed by Tianjin, he listened to a report and said: ¡®we should develop commodity economy and at the same time, don¡¯t put agriculture aside.¡¯

On April 14, 1959, Mao Zedong inspected Douzhangzhuang brigade in Wuqing County.

On July 19, 1959, Mao Zedong ratified to print ¡®Some Tianjin¡¯s Comrades¡¯Opinions to 1958 Big Jump¡¯.

On September 19, 1959, Mao Zedong inspected the paddy in Zhaozhuangzi and Dabianzhuang production brigades in Xijiao District and Yangliuqing farm.

On October 23, 1959, Mao Zedong came to Tianjin to inspect. On October 24, 1959, he visited ¡®Tianjin street industry exhibition¡¯.

On March 24, 1960, Mao Zedong came to Tianjin to inspect and made directions on mechanization and agriculture layout problems.

On April 29, 1960, Mao Zedong met with secretary-general of Cuba in Tianjin.

On May 1, 1960, Mao Zedong had the International Labor Day with Tianjin people in the morning and visited ¡®Hebei industry communications construction technology revolution exhibition¡¯ in the afternoon.

On January 26-27, 1961, Mao Zedong lisened to Liu Zihou and Wan Xiaotang¡¯s report on agriculture work and stressed the importance of investigation and research.

On December 29, 1961, Mao Zedong passed by Tianjin and gave a talk on developing fishery and village system.

On July 4, 1962, Mao Zedong came to Tianjin to listen to report on agriculture work and agriculture production problems.

On December 10, 1962, Mao Zedong came to Tianjin to listen to report on agriculture production.

On November 17, 1963, Mao Zedong inscribed ¡®Haihe should have a radical cure¡¯ for ¡®Hebei fighting against flood exhibiton¡¯.

On May 13, 1964, Mao Zedong passed by Tianjin and listened to working report on the train.

On July 29, 1964, Mao Zedong inscribed masthead of Tianjin Daily again and on October 1 this year, it was used formally.

On November 12, 1965, Mao Zedong passed by Tianjin and listened to working report. He asked about the fathering of Haihe and Heilongganghe.

On March 7, 1967, Mao Zedong instructed on Tianjin Yan¡¯an middle school¡¯s report.

On September 23, 1969, Mao Zedong passed by Tianjin and asked about Tianjin¡¯s work.

On April 26, 1970, Mao Zedong passed by Tianjin and listened to working report. This is Mao Zedong¡¯s last time to come to Tianjin.


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