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Binhai New Area Memorabilia(1997)
enorth.com.cn   2006-09-08 11:10


(Enorth.com.cn)In December 1997, TEDA world famous enterprises logo expo was held in Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Area.

In November 1997, Circum-Bohai Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang District Economy Development Promotion Forum was held in Tianjin.

In October 1997, Binhai new area’s Motorola China Electronics Ltd was listed into 1996-1997 top 500 foreign investment enterprises made by the Ministry of Commerce and the State Statistics Bureau.

In September 1997, Tianjin Taifeng Industry Park, the largest joint venture industry and living integrated park in North China, realized ‘seven opens and one even’ and attracted 0.6 billion US dollars through three years’ construction.

In August 1997, Hanbei road began to rebuild.

In July 1997, Tianjin harbor and Masai harbor became friendship harbors.

In June 1997, a cooperation agreement on the construction of a world-class integrated ethene and production plant was signed in Beijing. It would be invested by China Petroleum & Chemical Parent Company, Tianjin Petroleum & Chemical Company and America Dow Chemical Company jointly.

In May 1997, Tianjin harbor’s enlargement project began, which was listed into the national ‘ninth five-year plan’ key construction projects. Tianjin harbor Salt Dock and Barge Dock’s enlargement projects began formally.

In April 1997, Tianjin harbor EDI center opened, which was national ‘ninth five-year plan’ key project.

In March 1997, Taiwai economic and trade group visited Binhai new area during the 1997 Tianjin and Taiwai investment meeting.

In February 1997, Deng Hongxun, deputy director of the State Development Research Center, came to Tianjin to study Tianjin’s development strategy and also visited Binhai new area.

In January 1997, Tianjin Daily’s ‘Binhai New Aear’ special edition debuted.



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