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Binhai New Area Memorabilia(1998)
enorth.com.cn   2006-09-08 11:10


(Enorth.com.cn)In December 1998, TEDA’s micro-electronics industry zone developed into the base of information industry with 11 enterprises’ total investment of 0.16 billion US dollars.

In November 1998, Rainbow Bridge, connecting Binhai new area’s north and south, completed and opened to traffic.

In October 1998, Tianjin’s largest modern auto service base was set up in the ocean hi-tech development zone, Tanggu district. It made auto sales, auto repairs and spare parts supply into a triune.

In September 1998, Binhai new area’s ‘two roads and three bridges’ project began.

In August 1998, Dagang power plant desalted 1.7 billion square meters sea water and saved 34000 square meters fresh water.

In July 1998, officials from China earthquake administration visited Binhai new area.

In June 1998, Binhai new area visiting group went to America.

In May 1998, Zhang Lichang, mayor of Tianjin, pointed out in Tianjin’s 13th People’s Congress that Binhai new area should continue to speed up the opening-up development to become a modern industry base.

In April 1998, Zhang Lichang pointed out in Tianjin 7th Communist Party Members Representative Meeting that Binhai new area’s GDP and foreign trade exports should account for over 40% and 50% of the whole city till 2002.

In March 1998, Dongxing International Auto Market in the bonded district of Tianjin harbor opened, which was the first professional imported auto market in China’s bonded district.

In February 1998, the front page of Tianjin Daily reported: Binhai New Area’s Economy Develops well—enhancing the City’s Economic Increase.

In January 1998, Binhai new area’s 1998 infrastructure construction work meeting was held and it passed ‘1998 Binhai New Area Infrastructure Projects Plan’.



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