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Binhai New Area Memorabilia(2000)
enorth.com.cn   2006-09-08 11:10


(Enorth.com.cn)In December 2000, Binhai Natural Gas Reserve Station project utilized funds from national bonds and established 5000 cubic meter large ball tank, saving 38.4 million yuan, which broke the long-term monopoly situation of foreign enterprises.

In November 2000, some members of Urban Construction Environmental Committee under the leadership of Cao Xiurong, Vice Chairman of Tianjin Municipal CPPCC, paid an official visit to Binhai New Area (BNA) on its environmental issue.

In October 2000, Zhang Lichang conducted investigation and research in BNA, emphasizing on system innovation and diversified investments so as to form integrated advantages and display aggregation effect. l In September 2000, approved by CPC Central Committee, Director of BNA Office, Pi Qiansheng acted as Standing Member of CPC Tianjin Municipal Committee.

In August 2000, Tianjin Municipal People’s Government decided to implement closed transportation of coal vehicles.

In July 2000, The Summer of Bohai-Economic and Trade Fair was held in Tanggu. More than 300 people from Chinese and foreign enterprises attended and signed 36 cooperative projects, with contractual amount reaching 1.7 billion yuan.

In June 2000, as one of the first 15 zones approved by the State Council, Tianjin exported-oriented processing zone would be established in NE of TEDA.

In May 2000, Standing Deputy Mayor, Yang Xincheng paid an official visit to TEDA College and Century Square in Tanggu District. In addition, he listened to the report of BNA on the Outline of the 10th Five Year Plan and the Long-term Planning for 2010.

In April 2000, TEDA became the focus at the Fair for East-West Cooperation, technology and trade.

In March 2000, when Wen Jiabao attended the review of NPC Tianjin Delegation. He pointed out that efforts should be made to promote the work on BNA.

In February 2000, Tianjin Municipality issued the Circular on further strengthening the development of BNA.

In January 2000, the construction of BNA-a much open modernized economic area was listed as one a significant events with the influence on Tianjin in the 20th century.



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