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Binhai New Area Memorabilia(1999)
enorth.com.cn   2006-09-08 11:10


(Enorth.com.cn)In December 1999, Binhai new area office and Tianjin municipal research office jointly studied out the draft of ‘Suggestions on Speed Up Binhai New Area’s Development’ and submitted to Tianjin People’s Government.

In November 1999, ‘Binhai new area’s first five year’s accomplishment and the second five year’s development thought’ was printed when passed on the 15th plenary meeting of Binhai new area’s leadership group.

In October 1999, general-secretary Jiang Zemin visited Tianjin Binhai new area and emphasized after inspecting some enterprises that Binhai new area’s strategic layout was right and it must develop well.

In September 1999, the CD named ‘Tianjin Binhai New Area’ was published, which introduced new area’s investment environment, geographic position, policy advantages and sustainable development strategy.

In August 1999, Jinqi road, Binhai new area’s important transportation stem, opened after widened.

In July 1999, Yang Xincheng, standing commissioner of Tianjin Municipal Committee and executive vice-mayor of Tianjin, presided Binhai new area 15th leadership group meeting. Li Shenglin, Wang Dehui and Ye Disheng attended the meeting. Chen Zhifeng reported Binhai new area’s work in the first half year of 1999 and work plan of the last half year of 1999 and also future’s five years plan.

In June 1999, ‘setting up fellowship of economic management in the East Asia Sea’, launched by the Global Environment Fund, UNDP and the International Maritime Affairs Organizations jointly, ratified by the Global Environment Fund Organization and it had been listed into project.

In May 1999, ‘Zhongjin Gold Co., Ltd’ was founded by China Gold Parent Company in Tianjin harbor bonded district with enrollment capital of 1 billion RMB. The signing ceremony was held in the honored guest hall of the People’s Government.

In April 1999, Tianbao Group, with the help of Egypt, set up China Industry City in Cairo, capital of Egypt.

In March 1999, Wang Shuzu, vice-mayor of Tianjin, attended inspection and Chen Zhifeng, director of Binhai new area office, reported main economic targets accomplishment situation in 1998 and work points in 1999.

In February 1999, Binhai new area office held Binhai new area news conference in order to introduce Binhai new area’s construction accomplishment in 1998 and its work outline in 1999. Both local media and central media’s Tianjin branches attended the meeting.

In January 1999, Ye Disheng presided Binhai new area economic situation symposium and ‘Binhai new area’s future five-year’s economic development plan’ was discussed.



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