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Binhai New Area Memorabilia(2005)
enorth.com.cn   2006-09-08 11:10


(Enorth.com.cn)The relocation and reconstruction of Bohai Chemical Garden, that is, Tianjin Soda Plant, was initiated on December 18, 2005.

The Eighth Session of the Eighth Tianjin CPC Committee discussed and passed “Suggestions on Promoting the Development and Opening of Binhai New Area by Tianjin CPC Committee” which specified the overall requirement on promoting development of Binhai New Area from November 9-10, 2005.

The Chinese biggest one-stop shipping trade center---Tianjin Port International Trade and Shipping Center, Tianjin Electric Port, was completed in November 7, 2005. It suggested the rapid development of Tianjin Port which was responsible for establishing international shipping center in the north of China.

TEDA was among the list of the national first trial recycling economy under the approval of the six ministries of the Central Government in November 2005.

General Administration of Civil Aviation of China signed a cooperative agreement named “Science and Technology Industrial Base for the Civil Aviation of China” with Tianjin Municipal Government. It marks the initiation of “Aviation City” with an area of 100km2 on October 26, 2005.

At the fifth sessions of the sixteenth Central Committee of CPC, “Promoting development of Binhai New Area” was written into the Eleventh Five-year Plan from October 8-11, 2005. It marks that the development of Binhai New Area has been brought to the national overall developing strategy.

Chinese President Hu Jintao visited Binhai New Area and gave an important speech on promoting the development of Binhai New Area during October 2005.

The Third Culture and Art Festival of the Free Trade area of TEDA (“Tongzai Binhai”) with “celebrating the development of Binhai New Area” as theme, and promoting cultural construction in the Free Trade Area as masterstroke was held from September 10 to October 18, 2005. It was an important practice for constructing “Safe new area” and “Cultural power area” and realizing “Harmonious society”.

Ren Surong, Gansu Secretary General, Standing member of Gansu CPC committee and Lu Hao, Vice Secretary General and Governor visited Binhai New Area accompanied by Dai Xianglong, Vice Secretary General of Tianjin CPC Committee and Mayor of Tianjin on September 20, 2005.

“The Eleventh Five-year Plan” on agriculture of Binhai New Area was worked out on September 19, 2005.

TEDA announced that Bohai Bank, the first national shareholding commercial bank under the approval of the central government since 1996, signed sponsor agreement and prepared for opening. The headquarters of Bohai Bank will be in Tianjin New Area on September 13, 2005.

In “Report on the Development of National-level Economic and Technical Development Area of China” issued by Ministry of Commerce, TEDA headed the list among the 53 national-level Economic and Technical Development Areas in the general index for its consecutive 8 years on September 8, 2005.

Construction and Development Forum of Binhai New Area was held in Tianyu Hotel on September 3, 2005 and it was co-sponsored by Tianjin Association for Science & Technology and Administrative Committee of Binhai New Area. There are about 50 experts and professors who attended the forum from the field of natural science and social science.

The biggest modern central fishing port of Bohai Rim with total investment of 0.42 billion yuan has completed its site-choosing for its project around Hangu District Dashentang and carried on the initial construction. After that, Hangu Distict was planned to establish a new-type ecologic tourism area in August 2005.


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