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Nestle¡¯s accumulated investment in Tianjin exceeds 1billion yuan
enorth.com.cn   2006-09-28 17:18


(Enorth.com.cn)World largest food and beverage enterprise Nestle has established 3 plants in Tianjin with accumulated investment exceeding 1 billion yuan till now. The products include mineral water, breakfast cereals and ice-creams etc. Nestle is building a new pet food plant to be operated next year in the west area of the development zone now.

Yesterday, Nestle¡¯s Tianjing Ice-cream & Chocolate Candies Plant celebrated its 10th anniversary ceremony. Pi Qiansheng, standing member of Tianjin CPC Committee and director of Binhai New Area Administrative Committee, were present in the event.

Mr. Pi met J.M. Mueller, chairman of the board and administrative president of Nestle China, before the ceremony, and introduced Tianjin¡¯s social and economy development in recent years, especially the progress of Binhai New Area¡¯s exploration, the harbor and traffic construction and the key projects to be built during the 11th Five-year Plan period. Pi said Nestle has made leap advancement in the past 10 years from its settlement in TEDA and hoped Nestle may realize faster development with the growth of Binhai New Area.


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