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The Chip OEM Strategy Cooperation between Qualcomm and Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation Launches in Tianjin
enorth.com.cn   2006-10-19 13:27


(Enorth.com.cn)The chip OEM strategy cooperation between America Qualcomm, well-known for its CDMA and advanced wireless technology, and Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation launched yesterday at Tianjin¡¯s Xiqing district. According to the agreement signed in this July, the cooperation will focus on power supply management chip. This is the first time for Qualcomm to choose Inland OEM factory to produce chips.

Qualcomm is in the list of ¡®Fortune 500¡¯ and ¡®Forbes 500¡¯. After Qualcomm announced that it would invest 0.1 billion US dollars to support China¡¯s hi-tech enterprises in 2003, it had cooperated with some equipment manufacturers and SP, CP. The cooperation with Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation will make Qualcomm bind with China¡¯s wireless industry tightly.

Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation, world¡¯s leading chip OEM company is China¡¯s largest and most advanced chip OEM company. Its leading operation management experience as complex signal technology and supply chain management is appreciated by Qualcomm. It will use BiCMOS technology to produce integrate circuit for Qualcomm in Tianjin, which can reduce cost and shorten the list time.


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