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Tianjin subway to be extended


Since Tianjin's renewed subway line 1 was put into operation last year, it's proven popular with commuters. Subway reconstruction is one of the strategies to relieve congestion in the city.

Subway traffic hit 60,000 during the New Year break, 50 percent more than usual .

Tianjin's old metro was unable to meet the demand as the city developed, so the Tianjin Municipal Government decided to expand it. Reconstruction began in 2003.

The Metro Line One was put into use. It covers a distance of 26 kilometers, and train runs at eighty kilometers per hour. Since its operation, more and more people have been turning to the subway instead of bicycles or buses.

"Traveling by subway is much faster. It only takes me a few minutes to get to work and I don't have to worry about traffic jams." A resident said.

Tianjin is a city with a population of 11 million. More than one million people travel by bicycle. It's estimated that six bicycles take up the same amount of space as a bus on the road. Since Line One was completed, a great number of people who used to travel by bike are now taking subway, alleviating traffic congestion.

Zhu Ganping, general engineer of Tianjin metro, said "Tianjin plans to build nine subway lines which will cover all six districts in the urban area, with a total distance of 227 kilometers. Line 1 is already in operation and Line 2 and Line 3 are under construction right now. All nine lines will be completed in 2020."

Tianjin's subway will go to large residential areas as well as railway stations and airports. By the time that all nine lines are completed, there will be a metro stations every 600 meters along the line.

From: CCTV  2007-01-11 14:53

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