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KFC restaurant in Tianjin takes the lead to use new logo
enorth.com.cn   2007-01-19 10:23


(Enorth.com.cn)The 50th KFC restaurant is opened in Tianjin Development Area in January 10th this year, taking Captain Sanders in a red apron as its new logo. It is the first restaurant using the new logo and decoration concepts worldwide after KFC changed its logo in unified form.

KFC opened the first restaurant in Tianjin in Dagu Nanlu. Nowadays it has opened 50 chains in 17 districts and counties, growing into a largest-scaled international restaurant brand. As a result, Tianjin KFC Co., Ltd. wins the title of ¡°Best Service of Foreign Investment Enterprise in Tianjin¡± for seven years in a row.

According to Fan Jun, General Manager of Tianjin KFC Co., Ltd., people pay more attention to drive-in restaurants that enable people to enjoy convenient services without getting off the car. Thus KFC drive-in restaurant is expected to settle down in Tianjin this year.

Besides, KFC starts up charitable donation activities. From each ¡°Happy New Year Meal¡±, it donates one yuan to Teda International Cardiovascular Hospital for the purpose of financially supporting children suffering from congenital heart disease. It accumulatively donates 100,218 yuan, which are all contributed to the hospital¡ª¡ªone of designated hospital of ¡°tomorrow plan¡± project of the Ministry of Civil Affairs.


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