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Suzlon expands its wind manufacturing


PUNE, India, Jan. 31 Indian firm Suzlon Energy Ltd. recently announced plans for a manufacturing facility in China as well as a deal with a gearbox producer.

The new $60 million Suzlon plant in Tianjin will be the largest comprehensive global manufacturing facility, the Press Trust of India reported. It will manufacture wind energy turbine generators as well as integrate rotor blades, generators, nacelles and control panels.

We expect to hold a grand opening of our factory in Tianjin before the Chinese Lunar New Year, said Paulo Fernando Soares, chief representative officer of Suzlon in Beijing. Along with Suzlon's Feb. 18 goal for the new facility, an agreement with Belgium Hansen Transmissions International NV was recently announced.

Hansen plans to investment $221 million in a production plant for gearboxes for wind turbines. The plant will supply the gearboxes to wind turbine manufacturers in the Indian and international markets, including Suzlon Energy Limited.

We are very pleased to welcome Hansen Transmissions to India. Hansen will now be able to leverage India's vast pool of technical talent, and take advantage of the immense opportunities in the wind energy market in India and worldwide, said Tulsi Tanti, chairman and managing director of Suzlon.

From: Earthtimes.org  2007-02-01 15:07

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