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Young Chinese Performers Here For Colourful Show


Twenty-four members of the China Tianjin Cathay Future Children's Art Troupe for Friendship yesterday touched down in the Sultanate, one day before their scheduled performance to showcase ethnic Chinese dances.

The group will today perform an exclusive show for selected students.

According to Principal Zhao Qian, the show promises to be a stunning display of various ethnic Chinese dances in the vast land of China. The performers range from ages eight to 11.

Brunei is the 54th country the troupe will perform in. To date, they have performed in 190 cities globally.

"Previously, we held three very successful shows in Malaysia. All of them were a full-house," he said.

"We are here to perform because back in 2004 and 2006, several Bruneian children held a number of performances in Tianj in, China. We were touched by that," he added.

The China Tianjin Cathay Future Children's Art Troupe was founded in May 1995.

Four highly skilled and experienced performers - Wang Zi Shen, Zhao Bao Shanm, Shen Guang Wen and Chen You Zheng - have taken on the role as art supervisors to the children's troupe, which consists of over 500 young national artists.

In addition to winning numerous awards in various national children's art competitions, the troupe has created and rehearsed hundreds of programmes and participated in many important performances in Tianjin and throughout the country.

Present to receive the Chinese troupe were Chinese Embassy Counsellor Tian Qi, and officials from the Ministry of Education, including Koh Hong Puah, the Assistant Director of the Department of Schools.

From: Brudirect.com News   2007-02-01 15:10

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