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Nestle petcare factory begins operation in Tianjin


Swiss food giant Nestle's petcare factory in north China's Tianjin city goes into production, just in time to catch the end of China¡¯s Year of the Dog. It is Nestle's first pet food factory on the Chinese mainland.

The opening ceremony was held at the site in the Tianjin Economic Development Area, or TEDA.

Nestle Purina started selling its products in China in 2003 but until now they all had to be imported.

The new site should be a great boon for both producers and consumers.

Sim Joo Hua, business unit head of Nestle Purina Petcare China, said ¡°When considering the site for a factory, and weighing up all the different factors such as the proximity of resources, the quality of infrastructure and the nearby port facilities, in case in future we wish export from this plant to other countries, Tianjin clearly came out on top.

The most eye-catching guests at the opening ceremony were the company¡¯s four legged customers themselves. They took the place of the usual singers and dancers carrying out their part in the ribbon cutting ceremony, as if to the manor born. Pets share their lives with their owners, giving them friendship and support. Nestle Purina is focused on keeping our canine companions in the best possible condition.

Annual sales of pet food and supplies in China are projected to reach some 750 million US dollars by 2008. In 5 years time the total value of the country¡¯s pet-related economy could be around 2 billion US dollars.

From: CCTV  2007-02-08 13:17

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