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China based Tianjin Technology Development Company plans to expand its market share in Asia


Tianjin Mingshuo Technology Development Company Ltd CChina plans to assists local small scale hydro power sectors, providing latest Turbines, Generators, Panel Boards and Governors.

Mr.Xiang and Dr.Nanayakkara

Spokesman of the company Xiong di Xiang said this equipment are produced in China and can compete with the European products.

Speaking to local small-scale powerhouse owners here, Mr.Xiang said at present a number of Sri Lankan power houses use Chinese products¨ Niriella, Kabaragala ,Rathganga and Vidul Lanka small scale power generation companies use Chinese products. We bring the latest innovative products for our clients , he explained.

Explaining the Asian market, he said the Tianjin Company could expand its wings in some parts of the Asian continent and a number of existing and new clients put their orders to grab Chinese Hydro power generation equipment.

Mr.Xiang now tours in Sri Lanka and hopes to attend commissioning of Vidul Lanka Small hydro power generation project.

He said Chinese companies now produce high quality products which are similar to the European standards.

In 2001 , the Tianjin company entered Hydro power business in China and Mr.Xiang now administer the entire company operations.

According to the spokesman of the Tianjin¨s local partner Hydro Power International Private ltd, Dr.Nisantha Nanayakkara Tianjin provides all equipment as a package.

The company provide technical and maintenance assistance, said spokesman of the local partner.

Our equipment provide high efficiency and better productivity, said Xiang.

The Tianjin Company designs, manufacture and supply all equipment as a package, he said.

Replying quarries made by the media, he said China always develops its hydro power sector. A number of new innovations are now in the market, he said. He also highlighted that China has over 40,000 small scale hydro power plants which provide cheap electricity for industries.

If Sri Lanka promote small hydro power generation , it will reduce consumption of fuel made electricity, he said. At present Sri Lanka spends millions of rupees to import fuel.

According to the available statistics ,country¨s current installed power capacity,which stands at 1835MW, is woefully inadequate to meet the demand for power,which is growing at an annual rate of 8-9%.60% of the power comes from large-hydro facilities, however, almost all large hydro potential in the country has now been used up.

According to Dr. Ray Wijewardene, one of the foremost proponents of biomass-based energy in the country, ^it is observed that within about ten years, the (foreign exchange) cost for such generation will absorb ALL of SriLanka's net foreign-exchange earnings from its major agricultural exports (tea, rubber and coconut). Leaving very little for other vital imports such as for food and fuel for transportation. ̄

From: Asian Tribune   2007-02-08 14:54

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