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China Tianjin Trade Fair & Investment Talk is in busy preparation


The move-in of Tianjin Trade Fair & Investment Talk branched out all-roundly as of April 13. Workers in various uniforms are busy working in Tianjin International Exhibition Center, Tianjin Sport Exhibition Center and Tianjin Grand Auditorium

There are more exhibition booths for exhibitors from other provinces and countries and more special-decorated exhibition booths. Domestic and foreign exhibitors have dispatched personnel to arrange move-in in advance. The reporter saw at the site that major exhibition decoration companies are working on the site. It¡¯s said that the decoration and commissioning of the exhibition shelf and exhibition booth will last to late the 16th and such exhibition articles as autos, household appliances, garments and foods will move in on the 17th. Since the beginning of the decoration, the fire-fighting personnel will guard at the site to conduct tour supervision on the construction units and ensure safety. Since the 14th, exhibitors arrive in Tianjin in succession. As soon as they come to Tianjin, they all contact with the Organizing Committee immediately to learn the agenda and arrange consultations.

From: Enorth.com.cn  2007-04-18 16:45

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