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China Wireless Installs a Conference Network System at Tianjin Ba Li Tai Construction Engineering and Delivers a Computer Solution to Tianjin Run Fu Metal


DENVER, April 26 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- China Wireless Communications, Inc., (OTC Bulletin Board: CWLC), is pleased to announce the installation of an audio /video conferencing network system at Ba Li Tai Construction Engineering Limited and the delivery of an intranet, product development monitoring system, and a hardware computer solution to the Run Fu Metal Limited Company. Both companies are located in Tianjin in the Peoples Republic of China.

Frank Li, President of Tianjin Create Co., a Systems Integration company and subsidiary of China Wireless Communications, has signed a contract to provide installation and support of an audio/video conference network system to Tianjin Ba Li Tai one of Tianjin's leading construction engineering companies. The contract consists of installation, maintenance and ongoing technical support of an audio/video conferencing network system.

Also, Tianjin Create Co. has signed a contract to provide hardware computers solutions and support services to one of Tianjin's leading producer of tin, the Tianjin Run Fu Metal Limited Company. The contract establishes their intranet and system for monitoring the product development process as well as orders for laptop computers, with maintenance and ongoing technical support.

From:   2007-04-27 14:03

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