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Alcan plans to build a plant in Binhai
enorth.com.cn   2007-07-11 09:07


(Enorth.com.cn)Alcan announced its plans to build a world-class aluminous products plant in Binhai New Area to provide new-type aluminum alloy materials and products for China market.

By adopting cutting-edge technologies, the new plant with a total investment of US$ 40 million will produce special alloy products for commercial, organizational and industrial use. Alcan will further collaborate with commercial organizations in Tianjin and China’s construction enterprises to provide high-quality products for China’s fast-growing commercial construction market, source from the group said.

Alcan presently has 68,000 employees in 61 countries and regions across the world (including joint ventures). With global sales notching up US$ 23.6 billion in 2006.



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