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Microsfot reached six preliminary cooperation intents with Binhai
enorth.com.cn   2007-07-11 09:08


(Enorth.com.cn)Gou Lijun, a member of CPC Tianjin Municipal Standing Committee and Director of the Administrative Committee of Binhai New Area, met a visiting group led by Liao Qingfeng, Vice President of Greater China Region, Microsoft yesterday. Focusing on Microsoft’s participating in development of the information and software industry in Binhai, both parties reached six preliminary cooperation intentions to jointly build it into an international software service outsourcing base.

Gou Lijun introduced the development situation in Binhai to the guests. Adhering to the all-round strategy for opening-up, Binhai has made vigorous efforts to develop high-tech industries and modern service industries to build a high-end industrial structure. Binhai’s cooperation with Microsoft, a world famous MNC with powerful comprehensive strength, is conducive to market expansion and mutual benefits. It is expected that such cooperation will be accelerated, Gou said.

Microsoft shows great interest in Binhai development, reaching six preliminary cooperation intentions with Binhai: (1) Support software enterprises in Binhai to grow as providers for information technological innovation, application development and technology service; (2) Make strategic investment in Binhai at a proper time to develop software flagship enterprises; (3) Build Microsoft development training bases in Binhai; (4) Intensify cooperation in e-government and informatization; (5) Establish an enterprise service platform for business process outsourcing; (6) Actively push for genuine software.



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