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Mizuho Corporate Bank opens its Tianjin branch in Binhai
enorth.com.cn   2007-07-11 09:11


(Enorth.com.cn)Japan-based Mizuho Corporate Bank opened its Tainjin branch yesterday, which is the first foreign-funded bank branch settling in Binhai, as well as the first branch of Mizuho Corporate Bank (China) Ltd. after its establishment.

Dai Xianglong met a visiting group led by Saito Hiroshi, President of Mizuho Corporate Bank yesterday, congratulating them for the opening of its Tianjin Branch. Dai said, financial reform is a vital part of the comprehensive supporting reform in Binhai. Tianjin is deepening its financial reform in various aspects. Tianjin branch of Mizuho Corporate Bank settling in Binhai is conducive to introducing advanced management experiences and financial products of foreign financial institutions, activating financial markets and promoting regional economic development. He hopes its Tianjin branch can take a lead in positively participating in Binhai’s comprehensive reform and boosting Sino-Japan economic exchanges. Tianjin Municipal Government will protect the legal interests of foreign-funded banks and support Mizuho Corporate Bank in equal competition and cooperation with other financial institutions, so as to contribute to Binhai’s reform and opening-up as well as the establishment of a modern financial service system adaptive to development of the north economic center.

Saito Hiroshi extended his thanks to the municipal leaders and relevant authorities for their great support. He cited the robust growth and huge potential of Binhai as the key factors that make the bank select Binhai as the site for its first branch in China. Mizuho Corporate Bank will vigorously innovate financial businesses in Tianjin and further expand the cooperation among China, Japan and South Korea-based banks, he said.

Cui Jindu met the visiting group and attended the opening ceremony, and He Ronglin and heads from relevant authorities were present at the meeting.

Established on April 1, 2002, the Japan-based Mizuho Corporate Bank is the second largest financial institution in Japan, with large enterprises, financial institutions and overseas VIP as its main customers. Mizuho Corporate Bank (China) Ltd. was set up in Shanghai on June 1, 2007, with a total registered capital of four billion Yuan. It established its Tianjin branch after approved by China Banking Regulatory Committee last year. Outlets of foreign-funded banks at branch level in Tianjin have totaled 14 presently.



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