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China's railway passenger transport hits record high


China has entered a peak season for railroad transport as people have their summer holidays, the Ministry of Railways said on Wednesday.

Since July 1 when the summer peak season began, daily passenger transport volume has averaged 4.01 million and remained at a high level, with a record of 4.33 million on July 14, said Wang Yongping, spokesman with the ministry.

From July 12 to 16, the daily passenger transport volume exceeded 4 million for five consecutive days, four of which saw a daily volume of more than 4.2 million.

Students and holidaymakers contributed significantly to the robust transport, Wang said.

As an indicator of the peak season, standing-room-only tickets have begun to be sold for some bullet trains, those serving shorter-distance journeys in particular, including the Beijing-Tianjin and Beijing-Shijiazhuang lines.

Some bullet trains provide stools for passengers holding standing-room-only tickets, which cost the same as those for second-class seats, according to a report by the Beijing Morning Post.

From: Xinhuanet  2007-07-24 16:41

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