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Zheng shines in Chinese cycling championships


Tianjin cyclist Zheng Lulu took gold in the women's individual sprint final in the 2007 Chinese national track cycling championships here on Monday.

Zheng lifted her first gold at the championships after beating Xu Yulei from Shanghai in the final.

"I didn't feel as well as I was last week in the Champions' Tournament. I started a little bit slow and felt tired easily," said Zheng.

Zheng won the women's individual sprint final on the same court early this month.

"I didn't feel a difference for racing for the national team or for my hometown team. I just wanted to try my best," added Zheng.

Jilin cyclist Gong Jinjie beat Zhang Lei from Jiangsu to take the bronze.

From: Xinhuanet  2007-07-24 16:44

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