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Scholar Feng Jicai
enorth.com.cn   2007-09-13 10:53



Feng Jicai (1942~)

Scholar Feng Jicai
Mr.Feng Jicai was one of the most well-known Chinese novelist, who was born in Tianjin 1942. His ancestral hometown is Cixi of Zhejiang Province. In his childhood, literature has been one of his hobbies like painting, music and ball-playing. In 1960 when he graduated from high middle school, he was sent to Tianjin Calligraphy&Painting House to undertake painting craft. Since this experience, he began to be interested in folk art and local people custom. In 1974, he was transferred to Tianjin Handicraft and Painting Studio and meanwhile taught Painting skills and Art theories in the studio's Worker Amateur University. In 1978, he moved to the Creation&Critism Office of Tianjin Culture Bureau and then joined into Tianjin Novelist Federation to be a professional writer. He once was elected to be the Chairman of Tianjin Novelist Federation and the member of International Writer Federation China Center. Mr Feng has once been the Chief editor of "Literature Freedom Forum" and "Artists"

Works:"Yi He Quan" (composed with Li Dingxing)

"Legend of Magic Lump"

"Forked Road of Flower-laying"

"Sculpted Pipe""Italy Violin"

"High Woman and Her Dwarf Husband"

Report Literature "100 People and Their 10-year History"

Screenplays and Film Literature Collection "Magic Lump"

Literature Criticism Collection "The Literature in My Heart"

In his works, the short story "Sculpted Pipe", "Ah!" and "Magic Whip" get the national literature awards. Some of them are translated into English, France, Germany, Japanese, Russian and published in Foreign countries.

Chinese Intellectuals and Tianjin recent and modern history are his favorites. In his works, he noticed to select fresh view angle and flexible writing skills. The deep and detailed description usually digs the life's essence and makes people taste the multi-colorful life.

New Position: Feng is going to be the new chairman of China Novel Study Society

Feng Jicai and Wang Meng
Recently, the fifth Year Anniversary of China Novel Study Society was held in Jinhua City of Zhejiang Province. Hundreds Scholars and novelists around China came to take part in this meeting. Tianjin Novelist Feng Jicai took Mr.Wang Meng's position of the society chairman. The society will promote 4 significant measurements, one of which is to set up China Novel Society Award.

The central topic of the conference is "the Changing of Chinese 20th Century Novels", including the comparing between the novels of the first half and the last half of 20th, modern novels comparing around the middle of 1980s, the changing of Chinese 1990s novels and China Woman Novel Research.

Because Wang Meng's position has been expired, the chairman will be re-elected. In the conference, Feng Jicai was elected to be the new chairman. Feng talked about the society's future four tasks. One is to set up China Novel Society Award for new works in every two years, which is voted by professors and the quality of novels is a significant fact in the vote. Two is to publish a Chinese Novel Top 10 every year so that to value the new works in every year. Three is to establish the China Novel Forum; if it is possible, the members can discuss via the Internet regularly. Four is to build up the society's own web site to enhance the relations between society members and related writers.

Story: Feng and his "Tai Shan Mountain Feeling Tie"

200 Million Pupils Have Read "The Carriers in the Tai Shan Mountain"

"The Carriers in the Tai Shan Mountain" was Feng's one prose from his experience in Tai Shan Mountain in 1983. In this prose, he didn't simply describe the mountain's scenes but to notice the carriers who carry the goods up to the mountain. He narrated their hard-working and surprised will to eulogize carriers' persistent and dauntless spirit.

This prose once got the "National Excellent Prose Award". Since it was selected into Primary School Chinese Textbook in 1983, millions of children are educated by this prose. Now nearly 200 million pupils have read this article. According to Tai Shan Tourism Bureau, above 90% children knew Tai Shan Mountain by reading this prose. Every year there are thousands of boys and girls came to visit Tai Shan Mountain. Thus, General Secretary of Tai An City Mr.Mo Zhenkui gave a gold key so-called as "A Key to Open the Gate of Tai Shan Mountain" to the hands of Mr.Feng Jicai

It is very seldom seen that a short prose can get this so great influence in Chinese boys and girls. Feng Jicai was engaged as a honored Young Pioneer advisor by Tai An Experiment School. In the engagement ceremony, Mr.Feng wrote four characters for children "爱我泰山"

A Painting of deep-relation for Tai An City

Feng's feeling tie with Tian Shan Mountain has begun when he was a child. His grandfather-in-law was from Ji Ning Shandong Province. In the end of Qing Dynasty, he had a position of military offcial. He often toured round the Tai Shan Mountain with his best friend Kong Youwei. From his senior members of the family, he heard many stories about this mountain. This mountian has sculpted its image on Feng's immature heart.

When he studied Painting in his youth period, Mr.Feng once went to Tai Shan to sketch from the nature. In his visiting, he got the deepest impression of the mountain carriers. After his returning, he drew a painting: Along the vertical and endless mountain road, a carrier in red sleeveless was bent by the heavy goods on his shoulders, who however was resistant in climbing step by step in silence.

After several years, this painting has been being hung before his desk. Unfortunately, this painting was damaged in the Tang Shan great earthquake. After the sad disaster, Feng re-painted it. This getting universal praise work has been exhibited in many painting expositions. Many collectors wanted it and some evenly bought it with 100,000 yuan, but Feng refused.

Feng cherished this painting not only for the relation with his famous prose, but this work has become the backbone of his spirit. Mr.Feng just inherited the spirit of carriers and bravely climbed on the "Literature mountain" and at last arrived in the "South Heaven Gate" of Chinese literature.

In the recently honoured citizen issuing ceremony in Tai An city, Feng said with deep feeling that :"'The Carriers in the Tai Shan Mountain' just only represented my feeling about Tai Shan Mountain and can't stand the praise of honoring Tai Shan Mountain. On the contrary, Tai Shan gave me a valuable spirit fortune. During my years' writing, one kind spirit or one kind of power combined with "Mountain carriers" has been integrated in my essence and I will hold ie for ever.

To express his feeling with Tai Shan Mountain, Feng contributed his years' storing Chinese Painting "Carriers of Tai Shan Mountain" to Tai An. He said that this painting should belong to "My City"

Different feelings in four times Tai Shan Climbing

Feng Jicai has once climbed Tia Shan Mountain for Four times. Four times are different separately. The "Mountain Carriers" is a consequence his first visiting. The second time was in the period of "Culture Revolution". He was impressed by the old women who climbing mountain for worshipping Buddha. In yesteryear, the temples around the mountain were all locked and all Buddha figures were gathered in the "Bixia Hall" at the top of Mountain. However, these faithful believers still climbed up to the top of the mountain for returning hope and worshiped the Buddha behind the doors. Their faithful worshipment moved him. This visiting let Feng get a enlightenment that "The most difficultly restrained is people's heart"

The third time is in 1992 after the pass of Feng's Father. At that time, his mother fell into the sadness for days and nights. To excite mother, Feng decided to accompany his mother to visit Tai Shan Mountian when he hosting painting exposition in Shandong. When he helped his mother to the top of the mountain, he bought a memorial medal for his mother and photograph his mother a picture before the huge stone sculpted with "极顶". Mother was very happy. After their returning to Tianjin, She was very wholly recovered from the sadness. Feng Jicai was touched by this visiting. For this reason, He wrote a prose "I Issued a Medal for My Mother" afterwards

The fourth time is at the moment when he was issued as the Tai An Honored Citizen. He only arrived at the "Middle Heaven Gate". He said :"there is a saying that it is easy to climb mountain and difficult to return'". He told people that in this time he really tasted the difficulty of descending mountain. A new life comprehension made him to write a prose in future and the title is "The Difficulties of Descending Mountain"

When Feng talking about Tai Shan Mountain, he said :"Climbing Tai Shan Mountain teaches me lots of things. When I was young, I was encouraged by the mountain carrier and their spirit connects with my whole life. Now I has been in the "Autumn" of the life. I have to think what to to in the future. It is the time to revive the courage and insight of my experiences in Tai Shan Mountain." Maybe it is the essence of what Feng has called as the "The Difficulties of Descending Mountain".

Special Gift:Feng Jicai Accepted "Tai Shan Mountain Gold Key" in yesterday ceremony

Famous writer Mr.Feng Jicai was issued the "Tai Shan Mountain Gold Key" in the "Tai An Honoured Citizen for Mr.Feng Jicai" Ceremony held in Tai An City Shandong Province.

Feng got this title for his famous prose "The Carriers in the Tai Shan Mountain"

Interview: I don't want to only be a writer

Did you know what is Feng Jicai doing recently? He is studying the Chinese custom of foot binding! He once had a work "three-inch gold lotus", which was argued around different circles. Recently he was writing a culture critic work "A Bloody Question Mark" about old Chinese women's food binding. The backgroud of this work is a kind of special shoes for those woman having foot binding. After the liberation, women no longer need binding their foot, but these women need particular "Liberation shoes" for them. There is a shoe manufacture in Ha Erbin, which is good at producing "liberation Shoes". This factory sent the last "liberation Shoes" to the history museum after the death of the last Chinese woman with foot-binding. Feng visited this factory and collected a great deal of information about foot-binding history. With these rich materials, he started his work. He told that :"Foot-binding is a symbol of Chinese culture's corruption and bad tradition. One of Chinese culture characters is to let people believe that the ugly is beautiful and man-made abnormal things should be seemed as beauties." He was sad and angry to it.

He didn't like people call him writer. He formally said:" I don't want to only be a writer which will limit my development. I preferred me as an intellectual." When being asked what the differences between a writer and a intellectual, he thought for a few minutes and said that "Previously I used to pay attention to people's social duties and now I emphasized a duty feeling of culture."

Indeed, intellectual Feng has a strong sense on culture duty and mission-finishing. For years, he has been paying attentions on the culture protection of historic cities. He loves old Tianjin Downtown where he lives in and also deplores to its confusion construction in modern society. He once organized some people and evenly devoted himself to observe Tianjin city. In this activity, they took thousands of photos and carefully selected some to compile four pictorial books named as "Tianjin Old House", which including Tianjin Docks, Concessions and old downtown. Feng sent his book to the departments of City Plan and Environment Protection in order to attract their notices. Feng's behaviors proved that he really hoped to do something for Tianjin and Chinese Culture instead of only writing some works for reputation.

From the destroy of a city architecture culture, Feng discover the root reason from our nation. The Chinese People is a ethnic group who don't have religion and very realistic. To Chinese People, city is only a place where to live in. People are users and Cities are be used and evenly be plundered and destroyed. In facts, Cities ont only has the residence function but the value in culture and spirit. Cities also have their lives and characters, which has been eliminated by the boost modernization. Beijing and Hangzhou have the same appearance, same streets, same overpasses and same high buildings. The development of a city should be in a cultural schedule, but the pragmatic people disdain to see it.

Of course, Feng is not a stale people who only imagine himself in Old Times. He doesn't eject the city development. He also doesn't believe that the palaces of empire can be moved in for today residence. His opinion is that the cities ought to be improved linearly, planned and orderly. And people have time to think that what is to be saved and what is to be given up. Unfortunately, China today's city development likes a rainstorm in summer without a whole plan. And the cities which still keep their old culture are very lucky from the damage. Nobody can be sure that they can escape the sad doom.

"What we are losing are the things we never get back"

The exploration and introduction of DunHuang is the second biggest things of Mr.Feng. He convinced that Dun Huang covers the whole Chinese culture. From Chen Yanke, Luo Zhenyu, Wang Guowei to Ji Xianlin, countless scholars connected themselves with this magic place. Dunhuang combines Philosophy, Literature, Music, Dance and Religion and has the value we can't imagine. In Feng's Heart, Dunhuang just means an intellectual's cultural duty.

"Writer is only a job like a reporter, on the contrary, intellectual means some spirit and culture moral. An intellectual is looking backward at present as well as in future." From his words, we find a real Chinese Intellectual and his conscience.

Feng Jicai Freely Talked about New Millenium

The world has stepped into a new century and the third Millenium. What are the experiences of Chinese people in the first two thousand years? How about the next thousand year? In an interview, Famous writer Feng Jicai outlined 2000 years history of Chines people by his deep thinking.

"The first thousand year of China is from Han Dynasty to Tang Dynasty, when we contact with the world by the long and tough "Silk Road". To the west, China communicated with India, West Asia, Egypt and Europe; to the east, the Chinese civilization extended to Korea Peninsula and reached Japan.Zhang Qian, Zhu Shixing, Fa Xian, Xuan Zang and Jian Zhen are the excellent represents of that thousand years Chinese People. They conquered countless difficulties and brought back the invention of west civilization and meanwhile distributed outstanding results around the world. In this thousand years, China shared the great civilization light with other countries for co-development"

"The Second Thousand Years in China is from Song Dynasty to Qing Dynasty. From the view of the whole world, China closed her door to the world. China's separation with world makes us know nothing about the development of west science and be hard for foreign people to understand China. Two complete different culture systems divide the world into two separation parts. Making this situation surely generated many misunderstandings and produce two terrible results: China fell behind the west for her door-closing; China civilization is an old puzzle to the West.

Feng also said that a good thing is that Chinese people are awaken from recent twenty years and open to the world. Adhering the opening of Han and Tang in the first thousand years, China today opened more widely with enough confidence to absorb all the best of world civilizations. The opening in today constructed the solid foundation for the Chinese Recover and China flying in the third thousand years.

Being a well-known scholar in China, Feng has a deeper thinking about the new millenium. In his opinion, the recent hundred years' science development and society evolution mainly came from the western civilization. On the contrary, the eastern civilization has not been used. Today's human civilization likes "a paralysis brain". And the problems people have to face in new millenium are just the disadvantages of western civilization. For instance the environment problem, western people are to conquer the nature and eastern people believe to be "harmony with the nature". If this idea can be accepted by the world as the cosmos and nature concepts, solving environment problems will find its basic theory.

Feng said that our ancestors created marvelous culture system in last thousands years. The eastern people's special opinions on world, cosmos, nature and life content great thinking and wisdom to be explored for us in the new millenium. In the new era, The Chinese intellectual shoulder a significant task of letting China civilization light the every corner of the world. If so, Chinese people will create the unprecedentedly and brilliant contribution for the whole world and human beings.

Activity:Tianjin University Set Up Feng Ji Cai Literature Art Institute

On 4th Febuary 2001, Tianjin University declared that its "Feng Jicai Literature Art Institute" is set up. Famous writer Feng Jicai was engaged as the director of the institute. Meanwhile he was also engaged as professor of Tianjin University and honored director of Tianjin University Social Science & Foreign Language Institute.

This decision will upgrade the culture essence and taste of Science University and promote the integration of SciTech and Humanity. It also helps Tianjin University to establish high-level University in the new century.

Tianjin University Feng Jicai Literature & Art Institute will be a museum for academic research, communication and exhibition. The "Big Tree Painting Gallery" will also be moved into this museum.

This institute has three branches of Literature, Art and Culture for undergraduate education and academic research. The multi-colorful communication with China and foreign counties will be imported into the campus to let teachers and students enjoy the elegant social activities.


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