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World Champion of Diving -- Sang Xue
enorth.com.cn   2007-09-13 11:12


Sang Xue --

Date of birth: Dec.17, 1984
Place of birth: Tianjin
Height: 1.55m
Weight: 40kg

Sang Xue looks very pretty. Although two dimples appears in her face whenever she smiles which makes she look very gentle, she is always eager to put her best foot forward. Since Sang Xue was weak when she was still a child, her parents sent her to the school of physical education to make her learn gymnastics when she was six years old; then when she was ten, she converted to learn diving under the instruction of the coach Wang Min. The comment Wang Min makes on Sang Xue is: she is not afraid of hardships and never admits defeat. So far Sang Xue's technique is the most complecated in the whole team. In her daily life, Sang Xue is fond of drawing pictures, especially good at drawing pretty girls; she also enjoys listening to the songs of Wang Fei, Fan Xiaoxuan and Zhang Xueyou.

1988: in Goodwill Games in the US, Sang Xue won with her team-mate Cai Yuyan the champion of women's double 10m platform diving. This was the first time that Sang Xue attended competetion abroad.

Jan.,1999: In the 11th World Cup Diving Competetion held in Wellington, New Zealand, Sang Xue won the champions of women's single 10m platform diving and women's double 10m platform diving.

April,1999: Sang Xue won the champion of women's 10m platform diving in the National Diving Championship held in Jinan.

Sep.,1999: Sang Xue won the bronze medal of women's 10m platform diving in the general finals of the International Diving Grand Prix Series held in Mexico.

Jan.,2000: Sang Xue won three gold medals of women's double 10m platform diving, women's team diving and mixed team diving respectively in the 12th World Cup Diving Competetion held in Sydney, Australia.

April,2000: in the National Diving Championship, Sang Xue won gold medals of women's single 10m platform diving and women's double 10m platform diving (with Li Na) respectively.

May,2000: in Canada International Grand Prix, Sang Xue won the champion of women's single 10m platform diving.

2000: in the Olympic Games, Sydney, Sang Xue won the champion of women's double 10m platform diving.


The health quality of Sang Xue, the young world diving champion winner, is so bad that it even does not match the basic health conditions of an athlete. So often getting fever and being infused, Sang Xue surprises and confuses people -- what kind of courage and willpower does this girl fight against the fate with?

Sang Xue & Li Na in competetion.

Because of premature birth, Sang Xue's constitution is congenitally poor. In order to build up her health, when Sang Xue was still less than six years old, her parents made her learn gymnastics at the Children's Palace of Tianjin. At that time Sang Xue's home was very faraway from the Children's Palace, but her mother persevered in escorting her to and from the Palace by tricycle. After studying at the Children's Palace for two and a half years, Sang Xue went to Tianjin Physical Education School to go on with the learning of gymnastics. In 1992, being recommended by her gymnastics coach, Sang Xue entered Tianjin Amateur Diving Team. Not long after that, being setteled on by Wang Min, her present coach, Sang Xue was introduced to the vocational diving team. That year, Sang Xue was nine years old. One and a half years later, she was enrolled as a formal member in the team.

Sang Xue's sports life was accompanied by getting fever from the very beginning. Therefore, after joining the Tianjin Team, her probation training period was longer than the other members. It was not possible for her to refer to others' succeeding experiences. In order to get success, the first thing Sang Xue had to do was to overcome the sickness. To deal with the large intensity of the training, willingpower was necessarily needed; but for Sang Xue, mere willingpower was not enough. Nutrition, a basic condition to support the training, was however a luxurous request to Sang Xue's family, a worker-family. When Sang Xue got a serious fever, what her mother could only do was carrying porridge and pickles to visit feeble Sang Xue at the diving team. Sang Xue's mother said that although the food was simple, mother's concerning was more important.

Being a girl living in big city, Sang Xue yet has no famous-branded sportswear or even a toy that can be used to show off, while she never asked her parents for anything, however. Sang Xue's mother said her daughter was sensible, otherwise, when she recalled all that, she couldn't help feeling sad.

The most memorable event to Sang Xue's parents is the serious fever Sang Xue got after she came back from the Goodwill Games in 1998 in the US. In that Games, Sang Xue won the champion of women's double 10m platform diving with Cai Yuyan. When getting to know that Sang Xue was seriously ill from her voach Wang Min through telephone, her mother received her back home immediately. At about 21:00 that night, Sang Xue has already lost consciousness because of the hyperpyrexia. When being escorted to the hospital and got injection, Sang Xue appeared like dead already. Fortunately she came to herself after being santched forthe whole night. The first words Sang Xue said as she opened her eys was,"Mum, am I able to go on practising diving?"

Sang Xue's tenacity is outstanding. She hurt her head in a training after the Goodwill Games. The doctor's diagnosis said there was an oedema in her head, which threatened her mother greatly. But not long after her going back to the national team when she just recovered from the hurt, Sang Xue's head was hurt again in another training. In case her parents would worry about her, Sang Xue did not tell her mother about that this time. This accident was so serious that many people were afraid that Sang Xue might probably paralyse because of it. Then later when calling her mother, Sang Xue understated that she had only been knocked slightly which was nothing serious at all, and then she has already begun her drill again.

Sang Xue(R) & Li Na are showing off
their gold medals

Sometimes Sang Xue vented her grievances to her mother that for times she practised even until numbness that she could not tell which of her movement was good and which was bad. Since being enrolled in the National Team, Sang Xue is always the one who enters the drilling place first and leaves there last. Sang Xue's coach is strict to her in all aspects, with which Sang Xue's mother is very satisfied. Sang Xue also carefully and self-conciously controls her weight. When she came back home after winning the championship in the 11th World Cup Diving Competetion held in New Zealand, what Sang Xue showed to her mother was a weight gauge instead of her gold medal. That period of time when she was back home was just the Spring Festival. Wherever she was, at her own home or her relatives', Sang Xue ate much less food than the others. When her parents and relatives expressed their worry about her health, Sang Xue comforted them by saying that she had tasted all the delicious food when she was abroad.

Just before Sang Xue was to take part in the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, her mother was in hospital because of heart disease. In case Sang Xue might not be able to concentrate on preparing for the Games because of that, Sang Xue's parents concealed her mother's illness from her. Being a clever girl, Sang Xue guessed there must have been something serious happened in her family, for no one answered her as she telephoned to her home for times. Finally her telephone reached her mother in the hospital. But she did not believe her mother at all when her mother told her through the telephone line that she was all right. To enable her daughter to attend the Olympic Games at ease, the mother and the daughter agreed to speak through the telephone at home on the weekend. And then in order to keep the promise, the mother asked the doctors for leave to go back home.

Now all this seemed to have come to an end. To Sang Xue, the tears of falure and the smile of success are merely a significative beginning of her sports-life and her life as a common person in the future.


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