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Airbus quickens pace to enter domestic aviation market
enorth.com.cn   2007-10-16 16:34


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(Xinhua)By the end of 2005, China had only put 29 airbus airplanes into use. But at the moment, there are 360 airbus airplanes in service in China and the market share has increased to 36 percent from 7 percent in the past. Besides, Airbus Corporation has the backlog orders of 370 airplanes in Chinese market. By the end of August, 2007, Airbus Corporation had 11 users from China mainland and the total quantity of airplanes in service exceeded 360. It's expected that by 2010, there will be over 570 Airbus airplanes in China. Such data can clearly indicate the past, present and future conditions of Airbus Corporation in China.

Airbus Corporation forecasts that within 20 years from now, China will need over 3,000 passenger and cargo airplanes, including 2,050 single-aisle airplanes, 600 small twin-aisle airplanes, over 200 medium twin-aisle airplanes and 180 large airplanes. Airbus Corporation is optimistic for the development prospects of Chinese aviation market. The corporation has developed the uniform strategy: the Chinese market represents the future development and the Chinese market is the most important strategic market. The next target of Airbus Corporation is to have 50 percent market share in 2012.

In recent years, Airbus Corporation has accelerated the speed of cooperation with the aviation industry in China. The assembly factory of A320 series of airplanes is established in Tianjin, which is the biggest achievement of the cooperation. This has fully indicated that Airbus Corporation had established the close partnership with the aviation industry in China and fulfills the promise in implementing the industrial cooperation. The assembly line of A320 series of airplanes will be constructed in line with the assembly line for single-aisle airplanes in Hamburg, Germany. The target of this project is: by 2011, the assembly line in Tianjin will produce 4 airplanes of A320 series. The President of Airbus (China) Company stated, "the assembly line is one of the core abilities of the airplane manufacturers; the establishment of assembly line in China will enable the aviation industry in China to be involved in the core ability and key technologies. The assembly line in Tianjin will exercise the huge and positive influence on the aviation industry in China and also stimulate the other suppliers in this industry to enlarge their businesses in China. "

According to the cooperation plan signed between Airbus Corporation and its Chinese partners, by the end of this year, the aviation manufacturing enterprises in China will be able to manufacture the complete wing structure of A320 series of airplanes. In 5-10 years, after the establishment and production launch of the assembly factory of A320 series of airplanes as well as the participation of the project in designing and manufacturing 5 percent airplane body of A350, China will play a more important role in the global strategy of Airbus Corporation. In the long run, Airbus Corporation hopes to completely become one of the risk-sharing partners and be in charge of 10 percent of body workload for the next generation of airplane projects. The people familiar with the aviation industry should know that the wing structure of A320 will be the biggest part of airplanes produced by China and be very complicated whether in the technology, manufacturing, and project management. By now, Airbus Corporation has never launched any similar cooperation projects in any countries outside Europe.

As early as 1996, Airbus Corporation made a strategic investment of USD 80 million to establish the Hua-Ou Aviation Training & Support Centre and supply the support service and training businesses of spare parts. In recent 10 years, this center has cultivated 14, 000 qualified crew and maintenance engineers. The utilization ratio of two aviation simulators available is very high and the annual utilization time is about 6, 000 times, which fully indicates the great demand for training in China. "In April, 2006, we renewed the contract to further the cooperation for 20 years and this again indicated the determination that Airbus Corporation is dedicated in the long-term services in Chinese market." Mr. Shi Xiangli, the vice-president of client service department of Airbus (China) Company is very optimistic of the future of Chinese aviation training and service market in China. Besides, Airbus Corporation has also established the warehouses for spare parts exceeding US$ 30 million and established the second warehouses for spare parts in Shanghai. At present, 23 suppliers all over the world provide the spare parts for such warehouses and 33 suppliers of aviation equipments have set up their offices in Airbus (China) Company.

In fact, Airbus Corporation has an over-20-year cooperation history of the cooperation with the aviation industry in China. In 1985, Aerospatiale Company (called Airbus France Company at present) ever signed the first agreement about subcontracting the products with Xi'an Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd to manufacture and assemble the cabins for the airbus A300/A310 wide-body airplanes. To promote the cooperation with the aviation industry in China, Airbus Corporation will be dedicated in introducing more international aviation and aerospace enterprises to China and striving to gain the win-win cooperation with the Chinese partners. At the middle of this September, with the great support from relevant enterprises in China, Airbus Corporation made every effort to contribute to the convening of subcontracting trade consulting meeting of international aviation and aerospace industries in Beijing, which was successfully held in Toulouse, France for 12 years. It attracted over 160 aviation and aerospace enterprises and industry subcontracting enterprises from 15 countries in the world and provided the good opportunities for the enterprises to understand each other, hold the face-to-face commercial negotiations and carry out the business cooperation.

In recent years, as Airbus Corporation manufactures more and more airplanes in China, it is continuously striving to enlarge the cooperation strength with Chinese aviation enterprises. At present, there are 6 aviation enterprises that have participated in the cooperation by manufacturing the spare parts for Airbus airplanes. Over half of Airbus airplanes in the whole world are equipped with the parts made in China. The industrial cooperation modes between two parties have developed from the manufacturing of simple spare parts at the beginning to the cooperation development of main parts of airplanes, then to the joint establishment of first assembly line of single-aisle airplanes. Furthermore, the cooperation between two parties is developing to the higher level and wider extent. It's reported that the aviation manufacturing enterprises in China will deliver to Airbus Corporation the airplane parts worth over US$ 60 million. By 2010, the subcontracting workload in China is expected to be worth US$ 200 million each year.



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