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Tianjin: promoting the energy saving level through the optimization of structure and the improvement of awareness
enorth.com.cn   2008-01-09 14:03


(Enorth.com.cn)“In 2007, we organized and mobilized all employees to set up 40 key energy saving projects.” Zhang Yongzhen, deputy chief economist of Tianjin Dagang Power Plant, told enorth.com.cn, “All those energy saving projects were together implemented and managed by the plant and introduced into the performance assessment.”

In recent years, Tianjin, based on the scientific and technological innovation, adhered to the new-type industrialization and accelerated the establishment of top-end, high-quality and hi-tech industrial structure.

Highlighting responsibility subject

It is learnt from Tianjin Economic Committee that Tianjin has promulgated some regulations, such as Decisions on Strengthening the Energy Saving Work and Interim Measures on the Evaluation and Appraisal of Reasonable Utilization of Energy in Fixed Asset Investment Projects, in order to achieve the energy saving goals.

Wang Jingliang, director of the Resources and Environmental Protection Department of Tianjin Economic Committee, said the Tianjin Economic Committee cooperated with the Tianjin Municipal Commission of Development and Reform and the Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Statistics to establish the index system of statistics and examination and absorb the energy saving index into the social and economic development assessment system on the basis of serious surveys and researches. Meanwhile, based on the existing energy saving monitoring standards and enterprise’s energy consumption standards, they set up the local energy consumption standards for 100 key products and drew up the list of 100 key energy consumption devices in order to establish the energy saving specifications covering all sectors of Tianjin.

On the other hand, Tianjin also regards the energy saving index as one of performance assessment standards of governmental officials and heads of large and medium-sized enterprises. Zhang Yongzhen said: “The major leaders of our plant take charge of the effect evaluation in the early period, the supervision and inspection in the mid period and the acceptance in the late period of the implementation of key energy saving projects in order to ensure the practical effects of those projects.”

To strengthen the enterprises’ responsibilities, Tianjin establishes and implements the monthly reporting and periodic meeting systems for key industrial groups and enterprises. Currently, Tianjin has achieved the dynamic tracing of various sectors in different areas to strengthen the relevant enterprises’ responsibility awareness of energy saving.

Eliminating the outdated production capacities

In 2007, Tianjin selected 20 key industrial projects from over 1,000 projects to give the supports with investments of 156 billion yuan. Those projects have the same characteristics of low energy consumption, small discharge amounts and high production values.

The energy consumption of industry accounts for 70% of the total in Tianjin and meanwhile, the energy consumption of 21 key enterprises represents 70% of the energy consumption of industry. Therefore, Tianjin makes great efforts to reduce the energy consumption of those 21 enterprises. Wang Jingliang said: “In 2007, Tianjin invested 1.8 billion yuan to implement 130 energy saving projects, among which there were 50 projects worth 1.24 billion yuan belonging to those 21 enterprises.”

Wang also said: “Besides the technological transformation of energy saving, we also insist on controlling the construction of new high-energy-consumption and highly polluting projects. In addition, great efforts are made to eliminate the outdated production capacities.”

Otherwise, Tianjin will shut down more small thermal power generation units. In addition, some cement production lines of 1.25 million tons of production capacities will be closed down before the end of 2008. During the 11th Five-Year Plan period, Tianjin will spare no effort to eliminate many other outdated production capacities.

Optimization of industrial structure

Wang Zhiping, director of the Tianjin Economic Committee, said: “According to the existing industrial structure, if the proportion of the tertiary industry increases by 1% and the secondary industry decreases by 1%, the energy consumption per 10,000 yuan of GDP will decrease by 1%. If the proportion of hi-tech industry increases by 1%, the energy consumption per 10,000 yuan of GDP will also reduce by 1% in Tianjin.”

Recently, the Tianjin Municipal Government promulgated the Implementation Program of Tianjin on the Energy Saving and Reduction of Discharge to further specify the main goals and general requirements of energy saving and reduction of discharge.

According to the Implementation Program, Tianjin will endeavor to boost the adjustment of resource structure and make great efforts to develop the wind, solar, geothermal and biomass energies. During the 11th Five-Year Plan period, Tianjin will positively advance the construction of renewable energy projects, such as geothermal pumps.

The Implementation Program indicates Tianjin will speed up the development of finance, international trading and shipping services, modern logistics, tourism, etc.. Great efforts will be focused on the construction of a batch of important projects, such as International Trading and Shipping Center, International Exhibition Center and Service Subcontracting Model Zone. Tianjin will also be dedicated to the development of hi-tech industry and the improvement of policy supporting, technical innovation, investment and financing and intermediary service systems for the hi-tech industry. Tianjin will also step up the commercialization of hi-tech achievements, boost the adjustment of industrial structure and establish the competitive hi-tech industry groups, such as electronic information, biological pharmacy, new energy and materials and sea science and technology.


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