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Huang Xingguo stresses to show the new image of Binhai New Area    2008-04-01 17:43

( Xingguo, deputy secretary of the CPC Tianjin Committee and Tianjin mayor, led the heads of departments concerned to carry out an in-depth survey in Binhai New Area in order to improve the preparation work of Summer Davos. He emphasized that all departments and units of Binhai New Area should seriously implement the requirements proposed at the mobilization meeting and thoroughly exert the leading functions. Great efforts should be made to optimize the comprehensive environments and take greater progresses in the constructions with an aim to greet the Beijing Olympic Games, the Summer Davos and the commencement of construction of Sino-Singapore Eco-City with a new image.

Yang Dongliang, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Tianjin Committee and executive deputy mayor, Gou Lijun, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Tianjin Committee and director of the Administrative Commission of Tianjin Binhai New Area, Deputy Mayor Xiong Jianping, He Ronglin, vice chairman of the Tianjin Committee of the CPPCC, and Li Quanshan, secretary-general of the Tianjin Municipal Government, also participated in the survey.

Huang Xingguo first came to the International Exhibition Center of Binhai New Area to learn the expansion and transformation situations of the venue of Summer Davos. On the demolishment site of Yujiabao CBD and the construction site of the Harbin Friendship Union Tower of Xiangluowan CBD, Huang Xingguo seriously listened to the project planning and construction situations. In the afternoon, Huang Xingguo presided over a symposium at the TEDA Administrative Commission. At the symposium, Huang listened to the reports on the design schemes of environmental governance. The leaders and heads of related municipal departments proposed comments and advices for the design schemes.

Huang Xingguo stressed the Tianjin and Binhai New Areas development is ushered into a key phase now. Great efforts must be made to implement the national strategies and accelerate the development of Binhai New Area. Firstly, the environment should be enhanced to show the good image. Secondly, all plans will be further improved to ensure all lands of Binhai New Area are brought into the plans. Thirdly, great efforts should be made to well carry out the key constructions.

Huang Xingguo pointed out all departments at all levels of Tianjin are seriously implementing the deployments and requirements of the CPC Tianjin Committee and the Tianjin Municipal Government to improve the comprehensive environments now. Binhai New Area should play a leading role in the environmental governance and speed up the improvement of environmental governance programs. It is required all departments should intensify the construction supervision to ensure the project quality, integrate the functionality with the aesthetics and establish and improve the management and maintenance systems.

Huang Xingguo indicated the 2008 Summer Davos in Tianjin will set up a platform to publicize Tianjin and show Tianjin Binhai New Area to the world. Currently, the preparations are tensely and orderly made for the Summer Davos. All departments and units concerned must scientifically make plans and seriously carry out constructions to provide the high-quality venue and comfortable environments for Summer Davos. All detailed issues on services, foods and accommodations should be taken into consideration to guarantee the great success of the Summer Davos.

From:    Editor: Zhang Jialu
Preparatory & Coordination Committee of Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2008