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Tianjin prepares for 2008 Summer Davos    2008-04-12 09:27

The Inaugural Annual Meeting of the New Champions¡ª2008 Summer Davos, will be held on September 25-27 in the Tianjin Binhai New Area. This forum will show China¡¯s great achievements over the past 30 years after the reform and opening up. Meanwhile, Tianjin, the host city of this forum, will step on the world economic stage.

Tianjin has established the Coordination and Preparation Commission for the 2008 Summer Davos. The main venue will be set at Binhai International Convention & Exhibition Center (BICEC) that is under construction now and will welcome the guests from the whole world with a new image.

The construction of venue to be completed in the near future

¡°The Coordination and Preparation Commission consists of 12 work teams and the construction of BICEC is in the charge of the On-site Work Team,¡± said Si Zhi, deputy general manager of the Client Service Department of Binhai Convention and Exhibition Co, Ltd and manager in charge of 2008 Summer Davos. The Phase II project of Binhai International Convention & Exhibition Center encompasses a nearly-30,000m2 underground park with about 700 parking spaces for cars, a 6,000m2 hall on the first floor, two over 800m2 multifunctional meeting rooms and a 1,000m2 report hall with advanced equipment on the second floor.

Si Zhi said this forum will occupy 80% of the first floor, one report hall, eight middle-sized meeting rooms, 11 small meeting rooms, one multifunctional meeting room, one sharing space and several other offices. The new hall on the first floor will be equipped with a large screen in the middle for the large banquets and evening parties.

Besides the provision of venue, BICEC will also provide other services in the venue. Si Zhi said, ¡°We will add the number of existing staff by four or five times in order to ensure the successful 2008 Summer Davos.¡±

Readiness of medical support

¡°On the principle of medical treatments provided by the nearest hospitals, the Tianjin Health Bureau has designated the TEDA Hospital, the TEDA International Cardiovascular Hospital and the Tianjin Fifth Central Hospital (Tanggu Huspital) to provide medical services for this forum. The Tianjin Municipal Emergency Medical Center (hotline: 120) will take charge of the emergency treatment and transfer of patients,¡± said Dai Jinzeng, director of the Health Law Enforcement and Supervision of the Tianjin Health Bureau.

During the period of 2008 Summer Davos, all designated hospitals will send the medical staff and ambulances to provide 24-hour on-site services for the participants of the forum. If some participants need receive the medical treatments in hospitals, they should be sent to designated hospitals by the ambulances via the green channel. Each designated hospital will reserve three patient beds, one patient bed ICU and one operation room to ensure the medical treatments for participations. If any patient need be transferred to other hospital, the relevant departments of organizing committee will contact hospitals concerned.

In late July, the Tianjin Health Bureau will inspect the foods, drinking water and air conditioning systems of the designated hotels and BICEC. During the period of the forum, the Tianjin Health Supervision Department will send the on-site inspectors to the designated hotels.

Preparation for the voluntary services

Over 1,000 well-known international politicians and leaders of international enterprises and organizations will attend the 2008 Summer Davos so the requirements on volunteers are very high. The volunteers should be 18 to 40 years old and have healthy physical and psychological conditions. Male volunteers should be over 1.75 meters tall and female 1.62 meters. All volunteers should be able to speak the standard mandarin and at least master one foreign language.

According to the relevant persons of the Volunteers¡¯ Department of the Tianjin Committee of Chinese Communist Youth League, from March 20 to 23, over 3,000 persons had applied for the membership of volunteer. Through the primary examination, over 650 applicants become the candidates. Finally, 420 persons will be recommended as the volunteers.

Currently, 16 volunteers from Binhai New Area have been set, including six from Tianjin Free Trade Zone and 10 from Tanggu District. In late April, they will begin to receive the trainings in order to provide the good services for the forum.

From:    Editor: Zhang Jialu
Preparatory & Coordination Committee of Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2008