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The work group of Davos Forum inspects Tianjin    2008-04-30 16:33

( work group of Davos Forum inspected the fourth preparation work in Tianjin from April 21 to April 25. During which the work group negotiated with each department of Tianjin Preparation Committee and held 20 meetings for special topics.

During the inspection, He Ronglin, vice chairman of Tianjin Political Consultative Conference and deputy director of the Preparation Committee of Summer Davos Forum met members of a foreign work group, informing them with the preparation conditions in Tianjin and conveying the directions of Zhang Gaoli, secretary of CPC Tianjin Committee, and Mayor Huang Guoxing to successfully hold the ¡°2008 Summer Davos Forum¡±. The work group fully affirmed the preparation work of Tianjin¡¯s annual meeting and had confidence to convene a characteristic and high level Summer Davos this year.

The work group was divided into six sub-groups and held talks with relevant departments of Tianjin on venue building, hotel service, volunteer organization, communication support, security support, organizational support, and visiting route. At present, both sides came to a consensus in five aspects as follows. Firstly, the foreign side shall inspect the candidate hotels designated by forum participants and sign cooperative agreements with multiple hotels; secondly, Chinese and foreign sides shall ascertain the scheme of venue building; while the work group shall test communication equipment of the venue and judge if they are qualified; thirdly, both sides shall study the security guard and firefighting work scheme during the forum and reached a consensus; fourthly, foreign side shall inspect the route for visiting and studying and the place for activities during the forum; fifthly, both sides shall further study the work scheme for transporting forum participants to and from airports. In addition, the work group also briefed foreign politicians and entrepreneurs who participated in the forum as well as current progress.

This inspection indicates that the preparation work of ¡°2008 Summer Davos Forum¡± came into a key phase. Therefore, all departments of the preparation committee shall offer all-round supports to the forum, hold the annual conference with high standards and strict requirements, and welcome the Summer Davos in this September with high quality service teams, good quality service level and high effective work style.

From:    Editor: Zhang Jialu
Preparatory & Coordination Committee of Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2008