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The Tianjin I Know in 2008---- a DV Competition
enorth.com.cn   2008-05-14 21:37


Download: Sign up for the DV Competition — “The Tianjin I Know in 2008”

(Enorth.com.cn)The 2008 Olympic Games has made China the focus of world attention. Tianjin, as one of the venues of the Beijing Olympic Games will surely attract thousands upon thousands of tourists. Over the years the number of foreign residents has been constantly increasing, now nearly reaching 50,000. And the transient foreign population in the city has reached 100,000.

To mark the sports events, a DV Competition is sponsored by Tianjin Television Economy & Life Channel, providing foreign friends in Tianjin with an opportunity to present the city from their own perspective.

Scheme of the Competition:

Time: May to October, 2008

Sponsors: Tianjin Television Economy & Life Channel

Theme of the Competition: Record what you see and hear with a DV camera; show how you feel about the city from your own perspective; showcase the progress and charm of and express your love for the city

Name of the Competition: The Tianjin I Know in 2008

Conditions: Foreigners, overseas Chinese or Chinese from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan living, working or visiting in the city

Broadcast Platform: English program Biz Traveler and Korean program Arirang Time of Tianjin TV’s Economy & Life Channel


Stage One: signing up for the Competition (May, 2008)

Notices will be broadcast on Tianjin TV Business Channel, posted on english.enorth.com.cn, and carried in Tianjin Evening Paper, Everyday News, Tinajin TV and Radio Bulletin and JIN.

Stage Two: Training and Entry Submission(May to June, 2008)

Tianjin TV Economy & Life Channel will offer a course to those who need more training in videoing and editing.

How to sign up ?

● Download the registration form from Internet (check english.enorth.com.cn ) and email to biztraveller@yahoo.cn

● Call Tianjin TV Business Channel 022-23535771, 23602311

● Fill in the form carried on Tinajin TV and Radio Bulletin from May to June and mail the form to : Tianjin TV Business Channel, 143, Weijin Rd., Tianjin. Zip Code: 300070, write “DV Competition” on the upper left-hand corner of the envelope.

Requirements of theme:

●A clear and positive theme; vivid and watchable presentation.

●A truthful record of what you witness about the life of the city and people around you.

●Related to the 2008 Olympic and the changes and harmony of the city

●A good combination of contents and form of presentation with original techniques.

Other requirements:

● The entry should be no more than 10-munite.

● Give a title to your entry .

● Mode of foottage: DV、DVCAM

● Mode of sound track (natural sound, voice-over and music): 16 bit/48 kHz

● Submit a written text of narratives together with the footage.

Mail your entry to : Tianjin TV Economy & Life Channel, 143 Weijin Rd., Tianjin. Zip Code: 300070

Write “DV Competition” on the upper left-hand corner of the package.

Stage Three: Entry Broadcast (July to Sept., 2008)

A panel of examiners will screen the entries and select 50 entries to be broadcast in the English program Biz Traveller and the Korean program Arirang Time on Tianjin TV. Winning entries will be re-broadcast during prime time on TV and via internet.

Stage Four: Audience Voting and Selection (Oct., 2008)

The Competition offers two series of prizes:

Series One: 1 Grand Prize, 2 First Prizes,3 Second Prizes and 5 Third Prizes .

Series Two : 1 Best Photography Prize, 1 Best Originality Prize and 1 Best Editing Prize.

An entry may win prizes from both series at the same time.

TV viewers may cast their votes through the Internet, text message or surface mail(vote form will be carried on Tinajin TV and Radio Bulletin in October. If voters register their ID card number, they have the chance to win souvenirs.)

The panel of examiners will be made up of people from Tianjin Television and foreign friends.

The Organizing Committee will give souvenirs to lucky TV viewers randomly chosen. Two Best Organizing Prizes (Cups) will also be decided upon.The List of winners will be published on Tinajin TV and Radio Bulletin and english.enorth.com.cn.

Note: promotion for the above stages will be carried out on Tianjin Television, radio, newspapers and the Internet.


Series One:

Grand Prize: a 10,000 yuan worth DV set.

First Prize: a 7-day tour in China or 8,000 yuan in cash.

Second Prize: 5,000 yuan worth digital products or 5,000 yuan in cash.

Third Prize: 2,000 yuan worth digital products or 2,000 yuan in cash.

Series Two: 2,000 yuan worth digital products or 2,000 yuan in cash.


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