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Binhai New Area attracts eyeballs from Taiwan businessmen!! Four functional zones show their upper hands
enorth.com.cn   2008-10-21 10:07


Taiwan businessmen give prominence to large projects of Binhai New Area

The 3rd Cross-straits Enterprise Development and Cooperation Forum and Tianjin Binhai New Area Development and Opening-up Forum was kicked off in this October. At the special forum for Binhai New Area (BNA), all functional zones released their competitive advantages and large-scale projects to the public. The special forum attracted representatives from the political, academic and business circles. Taking the hard-won chance, TEDA, Tianjin port bonded zone, Dongjiang port zone and Sino-Singapore Eco-city show their upper hands.

The representative of TEDA demonstrated its progress of development from a wild salina to a modern manufacture cluster over the past 24 years. Its industrial chain is getting clear. The representative of the bonded zone focused on introducing China Civil Aviation Industrialization Base and the A320 FAL project after briefing the overall situation. The representative of Dongjiang port zone explained the preferential policies and the smooth progress of Phase I over the one year. The representative of Sino-Singapore Eco-city told that the current site of the service center and the initial zone were developed from a one-meter-deep waste saline in half in year. He also made a blueprint of the entire eco-city for the days to come.The poetical development space of BNA, competitive advantages of the four functional zones and a batch of large-scale projects attached attentions from all participants. In the following visits and inspections, many Taiwan entrepreneurs actively inquire the current situation and prospect of respective industries BNA as well as what convenient services and preferential policies can they enjoy. In turn, representatives of various functional zones took the chance, handing in materials of introduction and key projects and exchanging business cards.

Liu Lie, chief counsel for the Chinese mainland of Wistron Information Technology & Services Corporation, said he had a profound and visualized impression toward BNA. Wistron has established eight subsidiaries around the world. With the development, it plans to branch out business in other places. He is very interested in BNA because it has many advantages and regards outsourcing as a key sector. He will go deep into regional location, industrial situations and support policies to seek for chances of cooperation.


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