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BNA invests 100 millions yuan in the outsourcing sector
enorth.com.cn   2008-10-21 10:07


Since January 1, 2009, any qualified outsourcing enterprise and outsourcing training institute can receive financial aid from the 100-million-yuan ˇ°TEDA outsourcing development fundˇ± set by BNA. Meanwhile, the administrative committee of BNA will open a ˇ°green channelˇ± for residence registration that can help outsourcing enterprises and outsourcing training institutes to deal with residence registrations for senior managers and professionals.

In order to support the development of the outsourcing sector, BNA will set up the outsourcing sector development committee composed of representatives from functional governmental departments, industries, enterprises, universities and training institutes. The committee offers supports to the outsourcing sector of BNA in many aspects and allocate 100 millions yuan for the ˇ°TEDA outsourcing development fundˇ± from its financial budget for the purpose of the development of the outsourcing sector. All of supports, financial aids and subsidies regulated in the Regulation for Improving the Outsourcing Sector in BNA are included into the development fund.

Any famous training institute that engage in software development and service, information technology development and service, product technology development and service, data process business, business management and operational service and supply chain management and that are qualified for outsourcing or software training services can obtain financial aid. Any enterprise that starts up the strategic study on intellectual property right, and build the intellectual property right innovation and protection system can win a financial support of 30,000 yuan at most.

At the same time, the administrative committee of TEDA will establish the ˇ°green channelˇ± to help outsourcing enterprises and training institutes to deal with the residence registration in Tianjin for senior managers and professionals. It also encourages outsourcing enterprises to set up fieldwork bases for universities students and youths. Any local student who takes field trainings can receive a subsidiary of 400 yuan from Tianjin Municipality and an allowance of 100 yuan from TEDA every month. Any student who is recruited from other parts of the country can receive a subsidiary of 500 yuan. Outsourcing enterprises shall train these students according to requirement of core posts. Meanwhile, TEDA will allocate training subsidiaries according to the newly increased core positions every year. It will also set up the ˇ°TEDA outsourcing professional scholarshipˇ± in key universities according to the demand of outsourcing professionals and opened up professional courses with the joint effort of outsourcing enterprises.


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