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Tianjin FAW to build own-brand car on 9G Corolla platform
enorth.com.cn   2008-10-15 14:57


Tianjin FAW said it will produce the company's first A-level car based on Toyota's ninth-generation Corolla platform, according to China Business Journal. It will be the second time for Tianjin FAW to build its own-brand cars by technical transfer from Toyota following the Chinese auto maker introduced Xiali in its early years and built its V-series car -- Vizi, Vela and Vizhi (Weizhi) -- based on the Toyota NBC platform.

Toyota's ninth-generation Corolla platform has been transferred to Tianjin FAW, which plans to build a relatively high-class own-brand car, according to a top executive from the Chinese carmaker.

He said that the model is a 4.7-meter-long A-level sedan, priced between 80, 000 yuan ($11,695) and 90,000 yuan. The model will be put into production around 2010. But he declined to tell the technical transferring fee.

The executive claimed that Tianjin FAW will make its second innovation based on the bought technique, at least in the exterior design of the new model.


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