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Tianjin Airport runway No 2 laid out for 10,000 sq m
enorth.com.cn   2008-10-21 16:59


(Enorth.com.cn)The project of the runway No 2 of Tianjin Airport is in a smooth progress. The concrete surface has been laid out for more than 10,000 sq m since the labors, machines and materials were put into place and the test layout was started in September 27.

The construction headquarters for the runway No 2 has contracted a construction unit and integrated forces from various circles since August 14 for the purpose of completing the project before September 4. At present, mix concretes for earthwork are backfilled, the soil base course is evened, the concrete on the principal part of the runway is stabilized, and the macadam base is laid out for 80%. On September 27, the construction unit finished the concrete test for section I and section II and started the construction after the preparation work. Up to now, an area of 10,000 sq m has been laid out.

The runway No 2 project includes a 3,200-meter-long and 45-meter-wide runway and a 3,200-meter-long parallel runway. Several auxiliary projects such as runway intersections, power supply facilities and airfield lights will be put into operation next May. The runway No 2 will be mainly used for the test flight of aircrafts made by A320 FAL workshop.


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