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Tianjin’s first metro business street is to open to business
enorth.com.cn   2008-12-29 10:53


(Enorth.com.cn)Xiaobailou Langxiangjie, the first metro business street in Tianjin, is to open to business in late December. As the core landmark on Metro Line 1, Langxiang Street not only directly connects with the exit of Xiaobailou Metro Station, facilitating the passengers to go to the commercial street once they get out of the metro, but can meet local people’s demand on shopping, catering, entertainment and leisure. The metro and the commercial facilities are connected closely through the unique street mall mode.

According to experts, compared with traditional business mode, commercial shops in metro have unique advantages. With the construction and gradual open of 9 rail traffic lines, metro will bring more business opportunities to the commercial shops.

Stroll on the Commercial Street without going out of the metro

“Commercial street in metro is a new concept to most of the people. Traditionally, people think that metro station is just a station, but now it turns out to be a comprehensive site integrated with such functions as traffic, shopping, leisure and entertainment,” said Ren Tingming, general manager of Tianjin Metro Asset Operation Company.

It’s said that the newly-built Xiaobailou Langxiangjie which is situated at the joint of Nanjing Lu, Jianshe Lu, Zhejiang Lu, Kaifeng Lu and Xuzhou Lu involves a total investment of 240 million yuan and a total construction area of 31 000 sq. m. The commercial street will satisfy the demand of customers of different levels and types through the arrangement of general merchandise markets, supermarkets, various monopoly stores and leisure place and restaurants. The street is divided into plaza floor and metro floor. The plaza floor mainly deals with Chinese foods, children’s garment, ornament and audio/video products; the metro floor mainly deals with high-class western-styled snack and men and women’s fashion garment. The 3rd underground floor is a parking lot which can hold 260 motor vehicles. The commercial street can not only offer “one-stop” services, but has sunlight, green belt, leisure plaza and convenient traffic conditions.

“When stepping out of the metro after one-day’s work, the office workers are able to buy fresh vegetables in the supermarkets and convenience stores on the Commercial Street. This mode which integrated with traffic and shopping is especially suitable to the office workers,” said Ren Tingming. With the gradual expansion of the metro network, the value of metro commercial street has got a complete display.”

Vertical commercial circle takes an initial shape

Not only an underground business circle and metro commerce network is formed in the Xiaobailou Langxiangjie, the commercial circle can also be effectively linked, forming a vertical commercial circle.

“The daily passenger flow of Metro Line 1 is above 500 000, and Xiaobailou Metro Station is the exchange station of Line 1 and Line 10, which brings certain passenger flow to the Commercial Street. More than that, the neighboring Hisense Plaza, Binjiang Shopping Mall and Triumphal Gate Mall can greatly boost the development of ground commercial circle,” said professor Yan Jinmin who has been engaged in economic study.

According to the predication of relevant institutions, the single-day passenger flow of the nine metro line is more than 6 million persons.

The total length of Metro Line 1 which covers such districts as Heping, Hexi, Nankai, Hongqiao, Beichen and Jinnan is 27 km. With the gradual construction and use of other lines, the transition capacity of Tianjin will be further strengthened.

“Metro + lightrail” connect seamlessly

“Tianjin’s metro economy is an important business mode of the commercial economy in north China. The establishment of Xiaobailou Commercial Street makes Tianjin’s commercial development sees revolutionary changes,” said Li Wei’an, chairman of Tianjin Management Society and president of Business School of Nankai University.

It’s said that Tianjin Metro Line 2, Line 3 and Line 9 will connect with Beijing Metro Line 4, Line 14 and Beijing South Railway Station respectively. When the project is finished, Beijing and Tianjin will realize seamless connection and “metro + lightrail” will become the best traffic mode.

It’s said that the construction of Tianjin Metro Line 2, 3, 9 will be finished in 2010 and the total mileage of Tianjin metro traffic will come to 130 km and the daily passenger flow will come to 1.6 million persons.


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