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Direct links of mail, transport and trade benefit Tianjin people
enorth.com.cn   2009-01-08 09:52


(Enorth.com.cn)“As a boy, I was homesick for a tiny stamp. I was here, mom lived alone over there. And today, I was homesick for a shallow strait. I am here, the Mainland lies over there.” Numerous people ever were touched by Yu Guangzhong’s “Home Sick” and the expectation of the direct links across the straits can be seen from his poem. 36 years after the creation of the poem, the door for the travel of people in the Chinese mainland to Taiwan was opened officially on July 18, 2008. And on December 15, 2008, direct links in post, transportation and trade was realized formally between Taiwan and the Mainland.

As one of the 16 direct charter flights stops of the Mainland opened in the 2nd batch, Tianjin realized the direct links with Taiwan on December 25, 2008. Many Tianjin people are able to have post link with their relatives and friends in Taiwan, or visit Taiwan in person.

According to statistics, since December 15 onwards, a total of three round flights between Tianjin and Taipei have been accomplished and more than 500 passengers have enjoyed the convenient service, of which, a total of 318 persons of 10 touring parties visited Taiwan from Tianjin. Before the Spring Festival, another more than 100 persons of 4 direct flight touring parties will come to Taiwan. The direct post link has stimulated the communication ardor of people on both sides of the Taiwan Straits and mails of all categories from Tianjin to Taiwan came to 1332 pieces on the first day of direct post link.

“After the direct post link, I receive a mail from Taiwan in three days”

“I received the letter my uncle mailed to me on New Year’s Day. This is really unbelievable as a letter can only be received about 20 days later previously,” Ms. Cui Meiying said, “It’s really troublesome for my first mail contact with my uncle in Taiwan. I remembered that at that time, my uncle firstly asked his friends to take the letter from Taiwan to Japan, then mail the letter from Japan to Hong Kong and then from Hong Kong to Tianjin. Such a process takes more than 20 days and this situation lasts to 1988.”Ms Cui recalled: “I have been maintaining mail contact with my uncle in the past 26 years. When it came to 1989, we could ring each other, but we still maintained the habit of letter contact. The postage was very high then and I still remembered that the postage for mailing a 1000 yuan worth painting scroll is nearly 300 yuan.”

“After 1988, the letter contact between me and my uncle becomes more convenient. And the letter reaches the destination after the transfer in Hong Kong and the time is shortened to about 7 days,” said Cui, “ no transfer in Hong Kong is required when it came to December 15, 2008 and direct post across the straits was realized. I was so surprised when hearing this news and mailed a present to my uncle in first time.”“The postage is halved after the direct post across the straits,” said Cui excitedly.

“The Ali Mountain and the Sun Moon Lake are more beautiful than the description in songs”

Every time when I hear songs describing the Ali Mountain and the Sun Moon Lake, I will yearn for the two places of interest deeply,” said He Wenmao who was in the first direct flight touring party from Tianjin to Taiwan.

Both He Wenmao and his spouse Xiang Yan retired from the culture front this year. They have ever sung songs and rehearsed dance about Taiwan, but both of them have no chance to feel Taiwan custom in person. “Over the past years, we are told that Taiwan is a treasured island of the motherland and an indispensable part of the territory of the People’s Republic of China. And Taiwan has the Ali Mountain and the Sun and Moon Lake. But what on earth Taiwan is like? We only have certain understanding via TV, movie and magazine after reform and opening up.”

Learning that the direct flight between Taiwan and Tianjin is realized, the couple registered in a touring party without any hesitation. He Wenmao said: “we have made a plan to travel to a place every year. We visited Russia in this summer. But when seeing that the news on direct flight between Taiwan and Tianjin, we altered our travel plan and registered in the first flight party.”

“We felt strong Taiwan custom on the plane as the music and foods all have Taiwan characteristics,” said He.

We visited more than 50 scenic spots in Taipei, Hualien, Taidong and Kaohsiung in the following 7 days and Xiang Yan even made a detailed travel note.

It’s no doubt that Taiwan has beautiful sceneries, but the hospitality and friendliness leave a deep impression on He Wenmao’s mind. “Taiwan’s travel agency has arranged high-class hotels for our boarding. The skillful driver has more than 10 years of driving experiences. And the travel guide keeps telling stories and jokes to us all along.”

As there’s no language and culture barrier between people on both sides of the straits, He Wenmao felt very comfortable and agreeable. He said: “the cultural link closely connects us. Since 1990s, Taijin’s cultural and artistic troupe began to make performance in Taiwan. Presently, the cultural contacts will be more frequent after the open of direct flight route.”


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